I Want It All (But I Can Only Choose Two?)

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 9.27.39 PM…which two would you choose?

think past the trees and look at the entire forest with this one.
what would really benefit you in the future?

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23 thoughts on “I Want It All (But I Can Only Choose Two?)”

  1. Without question money and health. I’ll get love from my adopted kid or biological kid via surrogate. I’ll be healthy enough to care for him / her and when the Master is ready for me, my money will be theirs.

  2. Love and Money. People in love tend to be healthier because the other person makes you go get your stank dick checked out long before you would do so yourself. People with money tend to live longer because they can afford better food and better healthcare.

      1. Its not about relying on someone else. Men are just statistically more likely to put off addressing a problem for longer. That is why married men live longer than single men. ” Im busy this week. I will put off my check up until….” They put it off until someone who cares about them nags them into doing it.

  3. Money and love, because I you can never have enough. And love because I want to know what it feels like for someone to love me back just as much or even more than I love them.

  4. You can’t live long and experience the joys (and pains) of life without your health in top form. As I get older and after already experiencing love, I will not accept that was the epitome of being in love. Once I become ripe of old age, I would like to look back and know that I lived a healthy life, and experienced love to it’s truest form.

  5. Health and love. U want to be healthy and be able tobus my body without any problems, I’m blessed not to have any health problems and wants to keep it that way longer. As much as I love making money ( and spending it) I need love in my life i don’t want to be alone I want someone to love me back and be there

    1. I’d make you Bae Mikey!

      We’d just have to eat at Chipotle everyday and shop at Walmart for our clothes lmao.

      Although I chose the opposite, I don’t want anyone who thinks just like me. Kind of defeats the purpose because you want someone that makes you better.

      1. +1
        lol yeah we can talk showers together to conserve water and combine our wardrobes for more styling opinions.

  6. Give me money and health that the first thing my mind jumped to
    1) I have enough love for myself
    2) I would love to live life like these baller wolves
    3) Money issues are a major reason for break ups/divorce so it’s not like i’m going end up happy anyway so i might as well be comfortable

  7. I’m going with Money and Health as well.

    This speaks volumes about how we view love and relationships. Very sad, but what can you do….

  8. Love and Health. I need to be healthy. Money cannot by happiness and cannot satisfy me sexually lol. Me and dude just gotta be in trenches together, but we’d be in love tho lol.

      1. I’ll just have to use my lover’s money. That way I can have all three. I’m not a leech and I want to work for mine as I’ve stated repeatedly, but if I ever had to choose between the three, that is what I’ll do. That’s the only way I can have all three, so I guess I have to take it any way I can get it. You guys would too if a situation would arise where you had to choose. Don’t even play lol.

    1. ^funny enough,
      most women picked “love and health”.
      I got this on claudia Jordan’s instagram.

      I guess they want to be broke in love and good health?

  9. Money and Health. Money is needed to maintain a roof over your head, buy food, and pay for health expenses. You need your health in order to work for that money to pay for everything. Love is a luxury that is costly and troublesome just as well (lol)…but it isn’t needed as much as the other two.

    1. ^i think im going with money and health as well.
      although you can live a lonely life with just your money and perfect health.

      aren’t most gays in the higher brackets of life living that currently?

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