The “RHOA” Reunion Brings Tears and Temper Tantrums

i can see why everyone tunes into reality tv.
it either:

a) reminds you of your life
b) reminds you why you don’t have drama in your own life

i am the latter,
even though i’ve had some minor drama in my own.
nothing compares to the shit on these shows.
well i started this season of rhoa just at the tail end.
it’s still a mess from how i left it,
but the 4 part reunion is coming upon us.
this is a preview of what’s to come…

well i’m glad it’s not a “gang up on kenya” melee.
kandi is in full tears.
that means she gonna jump on someone real good.
you know when she starts crying,
someone better run
and get tissues.
i’ll watch.
the 4 part rhoa reunion starts april 16th at 8pm on bravo.

lowkey: nene should make her way back for season 10.
kim for some drama.
deshawn snow,
the boring one,
should come back too.
season 10 should mean a 360 to the old cast when it started.

7 thoughts on “The “RHOA” Reunion Brings Tears and Temper Tantrums

  1. I don’t know what y’all are talking about, but this gives me life.

    I need Kim Z to come back, she read Kenya for filth.

  2. I dunno if it’s true but supposedly Todd but Porsha on blast for sleeping with Apollo before he went to prison but I doubt if that’s true. I do find it interesting that this reunion has 4 parts to it. That’s never been done before. But I do agree with you Jamari, this shows teaches me I don’t want drama in my life. I am kinda tired of 9 years of shade throwing and bitchiness. I know its entertainment but dayum.

  3. I am now sure if it is true but supposedly Todd puts Porsha on blast for sleeping with Apollo right before he went to prison. Bu tI am not sure if that’s true. I guess we gotta find out . I cannot believe this has 4 part reunion. This is a first.

  4. I am not ready. I heard something really big came out, which explains why everyone was crying and up and down out of their seats. I just Phaedra to be exposed as the fraud she is. This is gone be some epic shit tho.

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