This Whole Racism Thing Is Bullshit

she ruined THE FUCK out her face.
so i never cared for kim zolciak of rhoa fame.
from her actions alone,
she always gave off “racist” to me.
i was even more baffled when folks had capes on because she was “dragging” kenya.
i know some don’t care for kenya,
but to cheer on a blatant racist gave “coon-erific’ vibrations to me.
well kim was at the season 10 reunion and so was her ignorance.
this is what she had to say in regards to her views about racism…
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It’s Official: Daisy Duck, aka Kim Zolciak, Returns To “Rhoa” (But)

i have always thought ^this creature was mentally ill.
kim zolciak,
of “rhoa” fame,
actions have always struck me as someone who is…
well it seems like kim is back for a season 10 on “rhoa”,
but it’s coming with some stipulations.
this is what tmz had to say…
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