Nick Cannon Is Out Here Looking Like “Zaddy”

nick cannon has come a long way.
i remember this:

…and thought he was super corny af.
well nick has grown up and glo’d up on us:

he just had a photo shoot with “rhoa alum”,
cynthia bailey,
for his new music project,
these are the shots

i don’t know about the music thing,
but i can get with these photos.
the rumor is nick is allegedly smashin’ cynthia.
the chemistry is pretty serious.
i say get that pipe cynthia!
the young wolves love fuckin’ these older vixen’s stupid.
judging from his sex scenes in “chiraq”

cc: chiraq

…i have no doubt that he knows what he’s doing.

lowkey: nick gives me freak…

i believe it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Nick Cannon Is Out Here Looking Like “Zaddy”

  1. he got cakes going on tho’ which I’m here for but outside of that he’s still corny cute though, but corny. I read online that he possibly got a big pipe that he’s carrying which I low-key hope is true.

  2. Always thought Nick was sexy AF even in the “skinny corny” days but that’s my type lmao. and he always seemed to be smarter than the average bear in terms of making money behind the scenes.

    OAN: any idea where that gif set is from at the end of the post? asking for a friend…

  3. I always thought Nick was sexy…I like his nipples. They the perfect size, lol. And while others might have seen him as corny, I saw him as cute…like he the type dude to make u mad, and then crack a joke to cheer u up because he’s genuinely sorry. I’ve always appreciated down to earth personalities like that. He reminds me of Safaree a bit in that aspect

    And ofcourse, I love looking at his ass…yummy

  4. Same ol Nick to me. I always forget that he and Mariah Carey have kids together. Thats such a random pairing to this day.

  5. LMAO…ya’ll can have him! Even if he does have a nice physique now.
    If I want corny, “nerdy” I’ll stick to Corbin Bleu, Romeo Santos and Kal Penn.

  6. To me, he seems corny and I smell a tad bit of “no commitment” on him. This is all in speculation of course, cuz i dont know his life. Not sure if it’s the WildNOut girls or what. But I agree with some of the previous commenters, if I’m gonna go for corny I’ll go for wholesome and corny rather a corny hoe.

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