Let’s Take A Peek Inside The Brain of Kanye (I’m Frightened)

it looks about right.
this is kanye of today tho:

he looks awful.

i’m trying to figure out if kanye is on the “cancel me” tour.
every since he got back on twitter,
he’s been tweeting some off the wall shit.
“the orange one” is even cosigning a few tweets…

has he done anything for chicago????
it’s weird because he tweets shit like this:

…and it weirdly makes sense.
is kanye mentally ill or trolling for attention?
twitter is a place for random thoughts,
but are we turned off by his love for “the orange one”?
i don’t know what to think anymore.
kanye is gone and he ain’t coming back.

lowkey: we cancel folks for less for supporting trump…

Is Kanye getting cancelled too?

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Peek Inside The Brain of Kanye (I’m Frightened)”

  1. Jamari he has everybody doing what he want talking about them. Mission accomplished. I think this here is a stunt to cater to his ahemmmm “white fan base”. He is about to drop an album. I hope that’s what it is. Anything else is to upsetting. The whites are seemingly cheering him on well at least the stans and cult followers of the clown. The “white allies” are rather dismayed with them however. The cult followers say blacks are on the Democratic plantation and need to stop looking for handout (all lies) but whose spewing all the hate and lies against blacks latinos and other. I even read today where one of the cult followers said in other words, “They need more blacks who love their cult figure.” These coons will learn where they stand with those they admire and I’m not just talking about blacks. This man cares about nothing but profit. They’ll realize one day they being dupped. DUDE JUST FOCUS ON THE MUSIC!

  2. and this is why I don’t give a damn about the opinions of celebs!
    Trump will agree with his ass until he says something the orange one doesn’t like….and then he’ll attack him. Two crazy mofos deserve one another.

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