Kanye Is Gonna Regret The Day He Said He Loved Tang

i got my answer right after i pressed “publish”.
kanye is on the way to cancellation.
he has allegedly lost about 10 million followers so far,
including an alleged number of his celebrity followers too.
“pop craze” has an update…

other alleged unfollows are pusha t,
big sean,
teyana taylor,
travis scott,
jamari fox,
and adidas.
and kourtney allegedly unfollowed him too.
kim seems to be the only one fighting for him.
this is what she tweeted:

…but i predict she will be jumping ship soon too.
i’m sure kris is drafting up the divorce story as we font.
look “the orange one” is a career ender.
his whole shtick is built on white supremacy.
to even suggest you support him,
as someone of color,
is grounds for automatic cancellation.
i don’t even fuck with trump supporters in real life.
what do we have to talk about?
have in common?
there was two black folks at my old job that admitted they voted for him.
i never saw them again.
they were like ghosts to me.
kanye is done tho.
there is no coming back from this.
his new album might do triple aluminum at this point.
i feel sorry for all those artists he recently worked with.
they could as well cancel those release dates.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Kanye Is Gonna Regret The Day He Said He Loved Tang

  1. Kanye is a IDIOT and so is chump!! Chump doesn’t give a shit about anyone of color, a poor excuse for a president, husband, father etc.

  2. A lot of folks are saying he’s being “controversial” for his new album. I think he has taken it to far.

  3. I been over Kanye. I have a serious question though. I really wonder how is the home life with Kanye, Kim, and the kids? I’m not implying that he would do something crazy, but Kanye seems like a very exhausting person to be around.

  4. I never saw the hype with him. He has a few good songs and a decent album (pre-2009) but I just never saw it with him. I never understood why folks went to his dramatic shows to hear him rant for 30 minutes and then walk off. But honestly I feel like he’ll do damage control and release a hot new song right before the album drops and folks will run and buy it. Just like they buy his Yeezy’s. People are fickle I’m telling you. We been knew he was trump supporter but now people want to get mad? LOL not buying the faux outrage.

  5. President Obama called Kanye a “jackass” years ago when he snatched that award from Taylor Swift. Fast forward to present day and Kanye is still a damn donkey……. moving right along.

  6. He has beef with Obama’s because he wasn’t embraced by them like Bey and Jay were.

    Remember when he compared Kim to Michelle saying she would be better for the cover of Vogue?

    Also, that comment President Obama made about him and Taylor Swift.

    Trump threw him a bone and autographed a cap and validated him lol

    Kanye has never been for black people. He was the same pineapple selling overpriced tattered rags.

    We thought his outright arrogance was endearing.

    He’s worse than Azealia Banks and she’s usually on point with everything she says but she’s so erratic at times.

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