madonna releases a statement to try and stop the dragging

everyone is dragging madonna today for that aretha “tribute”.
they took that head piece off she wore last night and snatched her bald.
well in the middle of buying castor oil,
she decided to post a statement on her instagram.
this is what she had to font…


ya know,
i’m want to give her the benefit of the doubt.
aretha passed away almost a week ago.
i’m guessing mtv saw that another legend was presenting,
so they figured they’d do a “2 in 1” special with a last minute “tribute”.
i’m wondering if they told her that night to do it?
if so,
i can see why she was rambling on,
but her words didn’t make any sense.
if i was her,
i would have kept it short and to the point.
i was waiting for the”

“aretha called me and…”
“aretha convinced the producers to give me a chance…”
“aretha gave me money to get out the crack house…”

none of that.
just over 6 minutes of word vomit:


realistically tho,
mtv did a very poor job last night.
the only thing that was well put together was the stage.
i wouldn’t be surprised if the ratings for this year are doom.

lowkey: why is madonna the “go to” for these kind of things?
they have no other legends to call?
isn’t janet still in new yawk?

17 thoughts on “madonna releases a statement to try and stop the dragging

  1. MTV never featured Aretha Franklin on it’s channel. NEVER.
    So I find any “tribute” offered by them to be patronizing and disingenuous. As for Madonna, she’s obviously full of herself. She’s Donkey of the Day!

  2. Who honestly gives a fuck about Madonna? This bitch has made a career out of shameless controversy and promoting herself above all else. No surprises.

    I do wonder why Janet who was in NYC, didn’t appear at the show? She was partying up in Harlem on Saturday with the natives. Anyways MTV is the last place I’d look for an Aretha tribute so I’ll overlook this and wait for the AMAs to do something for her in November. The Grammy tribute is going to be lit next year!!

  3. This really isn’t a surprise. I’ve said many times in past posts that a certain set of people are slowly being bleed out of view. This is nothing new and has been going on for a long time and will never end.

    I’m sure quite a few of you a “religious” for one reason or another and even in the first book of the Bible when Cain killed Abel because he was jealous of him. It was very apparent that only one of them was from the “seed of Adam” and the other one wasn’t. As “punishment” Cain was doomed to roam the Earth forever until the “return of God” and his “seed” would always be at ends with the “seed of Adam”.

    As a result, there will always be hostility between two certain sets of people. ALWAYS. No matter how many groups get together and shout equality and try to “make it right”. It has been stated from the very beginning that there will always be division until “the end” because of this curse.

    Therefore, don’t be surprised as things continue to change over these ongoing years and “your image” slowly fades from the “new age public eye” into obscurity like the Native Americans.

    These “types folks” care nothing about you, but they love your skills and will continue to assimilate them as they’ve always done.

    I slightly admire people who believe things are getting better even though it’s actually not, but it’s a nice attempt at convincing one’s self that it is. I said “slightly” in the smallest regards just because they have some hope in something. However, Futility is this highest factor of this equation though.

    Kill, Steal, and Destroy…

    (Note: When I say certain types..I’m not referring to a specific race.)

  4. why are the still giving away “music video” awards when they barely show any music videos MTV is all programmed reality TV shows? No wonder the show is trash and stars dont come

  5. Obviously it wasn’t a tribute, I don’t understand why people can’t seem to comprehend that. She presented an award and acknowledged how she inspired her. People have a tendency to always try to find something at fault with anything. Like just stop.

    1. The issue is that she took a moment that was meant to be for aretha and turned it into a chance to talk about herself. If she was going to talk about aretha she should have talked about aretha.

    2. ^regardless if it was a tribute or not,
      they asked her to speak a few words and she spoke about herself.
      it wasn’t even anything related to aretha besides the lyric to one of her songs.

  6. It was utter blasphemy. To choose Madonna, who couldnt be any further from soul, to tribute the Queen of Soul..and then BARELY even mention her. MTV, Whats so hard about doing the right thing? I truly dont understand these casting directors for award shows like, is Madonna the only old singing bitch yall can think of? Why is it always ANYONE BUT A BLACK PERSON, booked to tribute prominent black pioneers? There are many artists who could have spoken to Aretha’s direct influence on their art. Mary J Blige, JHud are the first names to come to mind, but choosing them would have been too much like accurate considering these award shows approach tributes like they do the awards; by popularity and proximity. This was embarrassing. Aretha aint even in the ground yet and these mayonnaise covered award shows already shitting on her legacy…

    1. ^im starting to wonder if our black stars are boycotting mtv?
      i often wonder if they boycott the bet awards too?

      has anyone noticed they don’t show up anymore?
      even chris,
      and even ne-yo sit them out.

  7. I think i might be better to ignore the tribute this year and do a full. Out one next year than to do a half ass tribute.
    Didnt the vmas do a bad tribute to prince and bet did a great one. Aretha isn’t really the vmas demo anyway.

  8. How about smokey or. Stevie. Pretty much any soul. Or. Rnb singer of. An advanced age could have given tribute.

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