only a few people care about you

I couldn’t help but wonder,
has our value as humans become tied with our ability to perform?

picture this

The social stage,
where every interaction,
every post,
every perfectly curated moment is another audition for relevance.

the spotlight demands constant performance,
a relentless parade of accomplishments,

and hashtags aka “i’m better than you!“.
we are living vicariously through regular people having sex for clicks.
it makes me ask myself:

Are we fascinated by regular people having sex because we aren’t having regular sex?

behind the screens,
beyond the filters,
there’s a silence in our lives that’s deafening.
even if we are surrounded by many people,
we can still feel very lonely.
so many people that are connected but discontented.
so many platforms designed to give us a voice yet we feel unheard.
as social media has enhanced our narcissistic tendencies,
we often forget the simplest of human interactions.
it’s all “me, me, me,”
when what we really need is a genuine

“Hey, are you okay?”

looking at the state of the forests today,
it feels like an endless newsreel of misery.
the veil has lifted,
and even our most glamorous celebrities are showing their cracks.
it’s almost as if the collective unhappiness has reached a boiling point,
spilling over into every facet of life.
so in this modern age of constant performance and hidden despair,
i have to ask you:

How are you doing?

how are you?

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