are we expecting joe budden to be the voice of reason in all DV scandals?

Can we still have an opinion on a subject even if we have skeletons in our closets?

that was the question swirling in my mind today.
i saw joe budden taking center stage for his alleged past shenanigans again.
everyone was clamoring for his take on diddy’s latest drama,
despite knowing the whispers that follow his DV allegations.
his exes make no qualms of calling out his past domestic violence.
in typical joey fashion,
he had some choice words for tahiry’s claims about him:

as you know,
or didn’t,
but i believe joe has one of the sexiest voices in podcasting.

i’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t entertain that voice at 1am.
let’s get real for a moment tho…

I think Joe Budden is a villain.

he’s not the misunderstood hero,
nor the anti-hero we secretly root for.
he’s a full-fledged villain and he’d (or us) be a fool to think otherwise.
i like joe budden where i can see him.

Dragging and getting dragged
Disrespecting his co-hosts
Being a Virgo
Talkin’ bout how good he fucks
His thoughts on current music

The occasional gay shit

other than that,
i know what time it is with him tbh.
some of these folks need to realize it’s okay to accept they’re the villain.
anyone who chooses to deal with them already know upfront.

now in the dense forests of podcasting,
where sharing opinions on current events is the name of the game,
i wondered…

Can someone who’s been a headline themselves weigh in on another headline-grabbing villain?

i found myself pondering the ethics of speaking up,
when our past sins are just a google search away.
can villains really critique other villains?

Is it wiser for those who choose to play the villain stay silent and change the subject?

lowkey: i need whoever styled him on that show to style him forever.
his current outfits irk my nerves.

1 thought on “are we expecting joe budden to be the voice of reason in all DV scandals?

  1. I haven’t seen his take on all this diddy stuff (and I haven’t looked for it) but I don’t think his response to something Tahiry is the same as chiming in on or being a voice on DV. BUT I do think he’s put that girl through a bunch of shit and it probably serves him better not to speak on the diddy situation at all. Unless he’s speaking on how he is remorseful, has done the work to heal and grow to be a better person and is providing positive resources for other victims of DV, he should sit all this shit out. Glass houses should mind their fucking business.

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