cassie speaks up

Do people know what a victim is?

…or so they think everyone should operate the same?
we are all psychopaths who lack emotions?
i’ve been seeing some pretty gross things in regards to cassie.
i saw someone font she had enough time to run down the stairs.
others claim she was a gold digger but my follow up question is:

Regardless if someone was a gold digger or not,
do they deserve to be beaten for many years by someone who claimed to love them?

did they deserve drugged and raped?
to be kicked and dragged while not fighting back?

this is the same hyena that blew up a rapping wolf’s car.
the public,
didn’t even know.
i didn’t think cassie would ever speak out but she did today

it’s interesting to me how her credibility is called into question…

…but everyone who has been supporting that hyena has skeletons in their closets.

i don’t think people truly understand what being a victim is.
abuse isn’t physical either.
i guarantee that all of us have been in an abusive “-ship” of some sort.
we were gaslit to believe it was our faults or it didn’t happen.
so if folks don’t know what being a victim is,
or have become abusers due to their own trauma,
maybe it’s time to STFU and sit their asses down.

may cassie continue to be in a safe space of healing.

lowkey: i can’t even fathom the after effects of over a decade of abuse.
i applaud her strength in not giving up.