some of ya’ll are bringing straights into our spaces and it’s making others uncomfortable?

as a young fox,
when i first started to dip my paws in this life,
i didn’t have many gay friends.
the ones i did encounter moved funny so i cut them off.
i had many friends that are vixens who cheerleaded for my exploration.
i didn’t feel comfortable doing it alone so i asked them to tag along.

I did a lot of my exploring in this life with Vixens.
One was straight and the others were lesbians of all kinds.

with the lesbians,
i learned they attracted foxes or straight wolves who want to fuck them.
the types of wolves that i wanted weren’t in their circles.
the straight one,
who wanted to be a gay male herself,
was cockblocking unintentionally (or maybe it was intentional?).
about her scaring off my first foxy love:

a foxholer sent me the following about straight vixens in the gay club…

…and honestly,
i agree with this especially having your own spaces.
that segregation line could go.
many vixens love hanging with gays because they get their life.
many of them can be our biggest cheerleaders too.
the problem that i have is:

When we involve some Vixens in our forests,
and they get comfortable,

they start to overstep their boundaries.
Whereas when we are in their forests,
they are QUICK to check us about theirs.

God forbid the wolf of their dreams wants you.
you are in competition.
not only that,
many of them treat us like little pets for gossip and makeovers.

I have no issue with Vixens in our spaces,
because many enjoy being around us,
but they have to remember they are GUESTS there.

so like vegas,
what happens in our spaces STAYS THERE.

lowkey: surprisingly,
there are quite a few vixens in the foxhole.
i’ve coined them “vix-bi”.
they have always provided me with stories or asked genuine questions.
like the vixens in my real life,
they are always very respectful.

8 thoughts on “some of ya’ll are bringing straights into our spaces and it’s making others uncomfortable?

  1. As someone that doesn’t go to gay clubs, I’m not bothered & I feel like it’s almost hypocritical (to an extent) TO even be bothered, cause if they said something about us being in a “straight” club, then all hell would break loose, and I know for damn sure nobody is gonna tell me where I can and can’t go, cause personally I LOVE hood clubs the most, if theres no Future, Lil Baby, MoneyBagg Yo, etc. BLARING and a faint smell of weed in the air….then I don’t wanna be there lol

    1. Do you really think if a bunch of feminine gay men wearing heels and masculine lesbians wearing basketball jerseys showed up to their clubs on the regular that the straights wouldn’t have anything to say? Also it’s about the mingling part as well. Gay people want to find other gay people to fraternize with, maybe hook-up. The same way the straights do at their clubs. Not being sure you can’t approach someone because they may not be gay defeats the entire purpose.

  2. Amen
    To your entry about hanging with lesbians I went to a lesbian high school. They enforce more anti gay rhetoric sometimes than even men even if they’re joking. I remember at 14 a 15 year old stud asked me if I’d gotten pussy.I’m thinking little bitch YOU shouldn’t be !

    But as I hung with women a lot I learned they cockblock a lot. They love Santana but hate masculine gay men bc they feel like they’re entitled to first dibs. A former friend invited me to her party and she didn’t invite a guy she was also cool with knowing I was interested so I invited him to her party he came and we made out all night. Bitches always wanna hate but then use us to style them.

    I do like bringing straights to clubs bc I feel like if we attend their events they can come to ours but it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a gay club at all. They’re not really my fave just bc men tend to be very weird when they get drunk. And being honest I realized I’m quite attracted to straight men the older I get (I know it’s problematic) but I’ve been to several parties where I dance with their gf and then the guy will come dance on me. It’s just a lot more fun when sexuality gets blurry. Straight people enjoy their bottles and compliment your clothes and shoes. I feel like In gay clubs it be a lot of silent hating and if you not on onlyfans you’re invisible . That’s why I don’t attend Atlanta pride . Gay people favor degeneracy as much as they cry about ppl fighting at the club. These are the ppl they pay $9.99 to see names and fund their lifestyle . A large majority of these people that openly diss these content creators have fucked them before.

  3. I knew a str8 guy who told me he would go to gay clubs to pick up str8 women because he knew they would go there to avoid the harassment they get at str8 clubs but also said he knew that after a bit of partying, the str8 girls would miss the flirty attention from the opposite sex so there he’d be to scoop em up.

    Honestly everybody need to just go to their own clubs. Who the fuck wanna be at a club and you approach a dude you’re interested in only for him to be str8. It defeats the entire purpose of it being a GAY club.

    I’m a gay guy that’s fine being friends with other gay guys. I had one really good one who had to relocate and we eventually drifted apart because of distance. He was so fucking hilarious. I still think about some of the goofy shit he said and wanna burst out laughing. Early in our friendship, I had become insecure being friends with him because he was a feminine gay man. I wasn’t comfortable in my gayness and didn’t want people to assume I was gay because everyone could tell he was. I never told him that tho. He did notice my distancing myself but didn’t know the reason. I eventually got over it because he was so fucking funny I couldn’t stay away.

  4. So this is an interesting topic and I think you hit the nail on the head in the first few sentences Jamari. I’m in my late 30s and unfortunately a lot of the gay guys that I “connect” with “platonically” end up being weirdos. I click more with hetero men and women BUT I also want to be able to go to our gay spaces. I’ve spent so much time in straight bars and clubs that after awhile im like sooooooo we’re gonna go to this gay bar tonight! Ok? Ok! The thing about my friends is I’ve educated them enough to know they know how to conduct themselves in bay spaces, and they know they are guests. I think it’s as simple as that. If we want to invite them then we have to educate them, and keep 100% with them about their place within it all. If you can’t do that then leave them at home! I think at the end of the day as the inviter the responsibility falls on you to keep them informed. shrug

    1. I agree with you and I just entered my mid 30’s. The straights gotta know they are guests and that we are the focus point or stay the fuck out. There was this allegedly straight guy working at my gay club and he was very flirty until a straight girl came in and then now he wanted to be straight. It completely threw the vibe off because y’all can literally hook up anywhere, why here when gays have a hard enough time and we don’t need to be reminded of how easy you have it? I went maybe 2 more times after and kept my distance from him even though he kept trying to get my attention. I stopped going cuz I thought the club itself was lame and I was ready to hibernate for the winter. I went back last month for an appearance due to a friend’s request and I didn’t see him yet I still saw too many straight girls and possibly straight men for my liking. I want to be queer in peace and I want to be free to flirt, touch and be naughty without someone catching offense because they are in the wrong place. I would rather go to a straight club, at least we all know the rules and I can dance and know that if I catch a man then he’s for me and if not oh well 😂.

      I rather be friends with straight men before anybody else. I’m not one of those gays that feel like they are “other”. I know I was created to be a man and I love being a man. I enjoy doing physical activities and I like watching sports, I enjoy the conversations with men much more than women. I realized because of our sexuality that we have been made to feel inferior so we seek out female friendships and I do enjoy my female friends and they love on me and nurture me in ways that I can’t explain how joyful it makes me feel. I also know that as a man who likes men, it’s only so far I’m going to take being treated as a sis when I’m more of a bro. I’m learning how to be more comfortable in my skin and I’m more truth and I’ve attracted a lot of males within the last year. Trying to discern between lover and friend has become a new challenge and also learning how to be a friend first to have a real chance at love is becoming something more tangible. I’ve outgrown the whole you gotta want to fuck me in order for me to date you. No I want you to be invested in me and I’ll date you. A lot of unlearning and healing going on 🤣

  5. I actually do agree with him on this he’s right on a few things. Why are you gonna bring every straight woman to our spaces including the homophobic ones there’s a few women that I will allow in our gay spaces. And that is Beyoncé, her mother, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, Kylie The one who sang I can’t get you out of my head, and the women that respect our spaces and don’t sexually assault us at the gay club.

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