I Forgive Your Stupid Ass

267471665338821536ZwMhay1tccan you really forgive someone?

one question i don’t think that we really ask ourselves.
people come into our lives and they are not always…
they come off as the perfect “insert role here”,
but manage to show their asses down the line.
maybe it was you?
well i have learned something about forgiving an asshole…

forgiving someone…
simply means they won’t be the reason why you become bitter.

tumblr_lg831j0fvt1qanw6wo1_500people have been assholes to me throughout the years.
hell i’m still effected after some of the things my own parents did to me.
if i walked around here being a nasty person,
how far do you think i would get?
this blog wouldn’t be where it is if i did.

i forgave someone recently.
they did something to me that pissed me off.
wasn’t anything crazy like caught them fuckin my wolf,
stealing money from my checking account,
or worst…
taking the last slice of pizza.

giphyi’ll cut cho ass over the last slice.
seriously i was so tite about what went down.
i probably called them every name in the book in vent sessions.
i wasn’t going to let them be the basis for my pain tho.
after a year of not speaking,
they randomly hit me up and we just started talking.
we didn’t bring up the issue.
we just had a good conversation.
i told my home-wolf today about them hitting me up:

“why you let them back in your life?
fuck that nigga.
you should have deleted the text and kept it moving…”

what would be the point?
the person fucked up.
i didn’t do anything wrong.
they obviously know they lost the best person in their life.
also just because i forgave the person,
doesn’t mean they gonna be back in my life hard body.
i know better.
it will be very above the surface.
my business will stay “my business”.
no meet ups to go hang out.
i can forgive,
but i definitely won’t forget.

you have to forgive people in your own privacy.
you can vent about the stupid shit they did,
but at some point you need to move on.
when (and if) they want to come back in your life,
it won’t always be:

“omg i’m so sorry for hurting you.
you are the most perfect person i ever met.
i will always bow down to your feet and kiss the ring when i see you…”

bow_downthey can feel stupid and realize they lost a good thing.
that doesn’t give YOU the right to be an asshole.
this is not a reality show.
you aren’t getting paid a couple stacks to be in drama.
there needs to be no fight videos on worldstar.
i guess thats where “kill them with kindness” comes in.
even as men.
it takes real strength to be cordial with your haters.
trust i do it everyday at my job.

this isn’t a church entry or a “be perfect” entry.
we ain’t perfect and i’m definitely not.
this is a “don’t let someone make you their emotional bitch” entry.
“that person(s) shouldn’t be living in your spirit rent free”
worst of all…
they broke your spirit,
moved on,
and you’re still holding on to the pain years later.

don’t be that fox/wolf/hyrbid.
don’t be the one who lets everyone have power over you.
you will always lose at everything until you purge.

don’t become a jackal or hyena out here for anyone.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “I Forgive Your Stupid Ass”

  1. I forgive people, but whether I let them back into my life depends on what it is they done. If the dog bites you the first time, it’s the dog’s fault, but if it happens again, you have no one to blame but yourself.

    1. ^agreed.
      you gotta look at their character before you bring them back in your life.
      its like being in a relationship with someone who cheats on you,
      you leave,
      and they come back in your life years later a different person.
      they may have not been ready for you back then,
      but after years of meeting the wrong people,
      they realize you were the one.

      or they ain’t change and they want that old thing back.
      all it takes is convo to see whats happening.

    2. @The Man…you are so right! I had two friends betray me. One friendship ended over money, and the other when he tried to sleep with my girlfriend at the time. I learned a hard lesson and ended my relationship with both. Many years later both of them reached out to me. I wished the well but told them that I didn’t want anything to do with them. The one who tried to sleep with my ex had become a born again Christian. In those circumstances, those two acts constituted a line for me that you just don’t cross if you consider someone your best friend. They put me in a dark place for a long time. As they say, you can forgive…but you don’t forget. And based on the severity of their actions, I just didn’t want to go down that road again. They may have changed…but it didn’t matter to me anymore. They were no longer in my life, and I’ve come so far to let anyone mess things up again.

  2. You are so right. Forgiving others will certainly bring peace to your life, but you also know how to limit or cancel out that person as a result.

  3. I have no problem forgiving someone I just just tend to stay the hell away from them after I do it. I don’t need any more shit in my life so I do me and let them do them.

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