the biggest conspiracy theorist of all has to pay for his words (alex jones)

i’ve heard interesting things from conspiracy theorists i know.
i was told if i got vaccinated,
i’ll die because the government wanted to kill us all.

“Who is paying these taxes if we all die?”

princess diana was killed cause she saw the royal family turn into lizards.
of course,
they have all sided with kanye.
i was told he was right that slavery was a choice.
when it came to the sandy hook elementary massacre in 2012,
i was told it never happened.
the wildest i was told?

“Kyle Rittenhouse is actually a paid actor.
He was one of the actors used in Sandy Hook.”

they “discovered” his alleged picture was used as one of the victims.
for the record:

I never believed or thought of any of that to be true.

alex jones,
a conspiracy theorist who said similar about the sandy hook massacre,
lost his trial from being sued by the parents of the kids involved.
the amount of money that he has to pay tho…

965 million
( x see here )

this might of been him when he heard the news.

even after the verdict,
even after the hurt parents,
this is what margoire greene tweeted about it:

there are some conspiracies that sound believable.
there are others that are absolutely wild and out of control.

I’m starting to believe that 98% of conspiracy theorists are nuttier than squirrel shit.

many of them are paranoid and think everyone is out to get them.
it’s like they have a higher level fo self-importance than the rest of us.
once you get wrapped up in their webs,
you get sucked into all the “what ifs” and “servings of rabbit poop“.
i got enough shit going on in than to get sucked in any longer.

lowkey: i think conspiracy theorists are dangerous for society.
they say things that create paranoia.

they have found success on social media when back in the day,
many of them use to be “the crazy relative we don’t invite to gatherings”.

2 thoughts on “the biggest conspiracy theorist of all has to pay for his words (alex jones)

  1. Alex Jones is evil incarnate. This ruling is nowhere near enough to make up for the horrors this monster has unleashed for years!

  2. His face, voice and body are like bricks 🧱 and gravel repeatedly grating against a washboard.
    If bad intentions had legs, arms and a swiveling swollen head- this is it.
    Silver bullets kill werewolves.
    Sunlight melts vampires into fairy dust; but how do you a destroy a white cat with nine lives?

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