this is what happens when you f*ck someone a little too good

I had to wonder:
When will we learn to stop thinking with our…
little heads?

there’s a saying: you can’t tell a hard dick nothing.
this might explain why so many males end up in constant chaos.
the dick takes control and ain’t trying to hear common sense and reasoning.
from entangling with folks we shouldn’t to catching diseases like pokémon,
we often fall victim to our lack of self-control.
take my straight wolf friend,
for instance.
we’ll call him hanky

Hanky is a handsome straight wolf I’ve known for quite some time.
I came out to him recently and he was very supportive and loving.
Sometimes we flirt to the point I think he is interested in me.
He loves telling me about how good he gives the pipe and other sexual things.

He always wants to talk to me about sex for some odd reason.
So he’s been freshly separated from a long-term relationship of 5 years,
which ended on a very bizarre note.
He’s technically still with his ex but he’s been busy exploring new pussy.
Let’s just say he has gone wild and will fuck any vixen that wants dick,
especially a few from his job.

enter a slightly older vixen he met at one of his job sites,
who immediately caught his eye.
when they met,
she made her attraction clear.
you know what that means?

Hanky decided to indulge in some hanky-panky with her over several nights.

he told me how every time they had sex,
he would hate fuck her to the point of tapping out.
he’d talk nasty to her,
pull her hair,
slap her ass,
make her look him in the eyes,
and have her legs shaking.
she told him that she has never been fucked like that before.
this is where the problem now starts.

he wasn’t interested in her beyond the bedroom,
and when she’d beg him to stay over,
he’d bounce.
the only time he would return was when she begged for dick.

Here’s the thing: when you give someone an experience,
especially a sexual one they’ve never experienced before,

or they’ve been lonely for quite some time,
they’re bound to get hooked.
This is why some DL or gay males go absolutely insane.

turns out,
this vixen was an escapee from arkham asylum.
despite hanky letting her know he wasn’t interested,
she refuses to take no for an answer.
he ended up having to cut her off completely.
the result?

  • She’s badmouthing him at work to anyone who will listen
  • Spilled things he said to her about his ex during their pillow talk
  • Sabotaged any other potential vixens he wanted to fuck

she even lied to one of his colleagues,
claiming hanky was talking trash about him.
hanky’s baffled by her behavior but I’m baffled that he’s baffled.

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