the tortured wallets department, am i right?

as you know,
or didn’t,
but i’ve always been into taylor swift’s music
as always,
i have to be honest with The Foxhole:

Her latest album was so boring to me.
I gave it five songs before i had to tap out.

It sounded like one long song and the vibes were off.

as taylor milks the “tortured poets department” for all it’s worth,
the swifties are still lappin’ it up.
she’s re-released the same album 34 times with one or two new tracks,
just to keep other pop gals from stealing the spotlight.
it’s a little unfair and definitely shady.
billboard’s counting all these re-releases and keeping her at number one.
here’s all the 34 versions she’s put out


collectors edition deluxe the manuscript
collectors edition deluxe albatross
collectors edition deluxe the bolter
collectors edition deluxe the black dog
standard album + the manuscript
standard album + the manuscript (signed)
standard album + but daddy i love him (acoustic)
standard album + guilty as sin? (acoustic)
standard album + down bad (acoustic)
standard album + fortnight (acoustic)
standard album + fresh out the slammer (acoustic)
target edition albatross
target edition the bolter
target edition the black dog


target edition vinyl
the manuscript vinyl (pressing 1) – the tortured poets department 2×lp, album, clear [phantom clear], vantiva pressing
the manuscript vinyl (pressing 2) – the tortured poets department 2×lp, album, clear [phantom clear] optimal media gmbh pressing
the albatross vinyl
the bolter vinyl
the black dog vinyl
the manuscript vinyl (signed)


the anthology
standard album + black dog voice memo
standard album + who’s afraid of little old me voice memo
standard album + cassandra voice memo
standard album
standard album + daddy i love him (acoustic)
standard album + loml live from paris
standard album + mbobhft live from paris
standard album + the alchemy/treacherous mashup live from paris


file name: the manuscript with bonus track “the manuscript”
file name: the bolter with bonus track “the bolter”
file name: the albatross with bonus track “the albatross”
file name: the black dog with bonus track “the black dog”


first off,
where does one even get a cassette player nowadays?
what’s next?
are we are going back to vhs too?

taylor’s basically doing what some of the OF folks do.

We pay to get in and it’s all teaser content.
To see the videos,
we gotta pay extra in the messages.

the extra is 10 to 20 dollars for legit trash.
So we paid for a wall of 2-second clips and then a full 3-minute video of trash sex.


apple is even doing this shit too with their upcoming AI.
the iphone 16 will be able to get it ( x while semi-newer phones won’t ).
i have a 14 pro max so i can’t get an invite to the party?

i had to wonder:

Have people and companies become greedy because they know their hardcore supporters will still pay for it?

…and will this backfire on them sooner than later?
it’s really insulting to the casual fan or hardcore stan,
but this never ends well once they both get fed up.
before that happens,

the saying goes:

“There’s a sucker born every minute.”

the silver lining?
taylor’s antics turned me off and onto billie eilish heavy.

thanks tay!

lowkey: is it me or is taylor flying dangerously close to the sun?
she is burning bridges with her peers and those who aren’t in her bubble.
i think she needs to pull back and take some time off.

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  1. Jamari you tried it. Ever since this woman ruined a song by Earth, Wind and Fire she was dead to me. I used to listen to her back in the day. She is in the same realm as Camilla Cabello and Justin Timberlake. BANISHED!

    I don’t care!

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