the best way to get his interest is to just walk up and grab that dack

What happens when a man doesn’t reciprocate your interest after we do a bold move?

if a wolf that i’m interested in doesn’t give me an opening after i drop hints,
i try to maintain a healthy distance until further notice.
if not,
i move on and leave him alone.
i know,

making someone else uncomfortable,
especially a male who might be straight or not interested,
makes me uncomfortable and can start rumors

…but it seems a majority of people have no filter nowadays.

just yesterday,
it happened to tariq from power aka michael rainey jr. on a live stream.

someone decided to walk up to him and grab his attention

…and by attention,
i mean his dick.

( x see the longer version here )
she looks like she said to him,
“you know i want that dick,

many think men aren’t supposed to have boundaries.
i’ve heard excuses like:

“I send unsolicited nudes because men do this all the time to vixens.
Why can’t i send this dude my nudes?”

did he ask for it?
or have we assumed everyone is the same because of past experiences?

the thirst bucket from our past,
that we learned why he was so thirsty,
doesn’t represent everyone else going forward.

from what i’ve learned in life:

Those are the ones to watch out for.

that she-jackal definitely violated tariq.
if he did that to her

They would have whooped his ass for the forests to see.

we often think vixens are these delicate flowers that need to be respected,
while males are sex-obsessed and ready to go.
we have boundaries and sometimes,
we lower them for specific people.


How do you walk up to someone and grope them?
Did she think he was gonna reward her boldness?

me man ready fuck in cave like wild animal
come now let me club you over and over“.
i had to wonder

Is it like playing Russian Roulette when we ignore someone’s boundaries?

lowkey: who raised that she-jackal?

5 thoughts on “the best way to get his interest is to just walk up and grab that dack

  1. I am deeply saddened by what happened, and I’m glad that people are beginning to take it seriously. I felt really bad for Michael Rainey Jr when I watched that clip because he seemed so uncomfortable. I believe there should be consequences for the young girl’s actions. While I don’t support children facing charges that will impact their entire lives, I do think something needs to be done

  2. Ban and Burn that B**+@h from the Social Media Forrest !!! Her image & likeness shall be removed and anyone who utters thy name shall be punished by the GAWDs!!!!

    Zero scores across the board !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Why was he there? I know twitch is where ppl play video games, but was Michael playing too, or being interviewed? The video looks like a typical day at a ratchet cuzzin’s house- all them lil kids just in the way. I’m confused..

    Anyway, she ain’t sht for that. But, she’s a product of her environment. The environment that says boys should always be horned up and ready for sexual advances, so her behavior is perfectly fine.

    I blame these ppl/parents who think it’s cute to treat 3 yr old boys like little men.

  4. It is SO REFRESHING to see a youngun with MORALS😎😎😎what a fvcking relief. As for that HOE we know where she’s heading.

    1. Several times when reading comments, I have thought you were me because our usernames are similar. You even faux cuss like me.

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