it follows after you have sex and get to itching

it follows is a movie about a demon that kills you after sex.
if this were real,
many of us wouldn’t stand a chance.
every year,
there’s a new real life version of it follows when it comes to sex.

Have sex and you might leave with a demon that needs medication.

2024’s new story line of it follows is in new yawk and…

Health experts are warning of new and highly contagious fungal strains after an NYC man in his 30s developed a sexually transmitted form of ringworm — the first reported case in the US.

“Healthcare providers should be aware that Trichophyton mentagrophytes type VII [TMVII] is the latest in a group of severe skin infections to have now reached the United States,” said Dr. Avrom S. Caplan, an assistant professor in NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s dermatology department.

Caplan co-authored a case study published Wednesday about an unidentified New Yorker who became infected with TMVII, with a rash appearing on his penis, buttocks and limbs.

The man in the new case study had visited England, Greece and California. He reported having sex with men during his travels, none of whom disclosed similar skin issues.


it’s summer,
pride month,
and folks have been lookin’ for new scene partners for OF.
this demon is going to haunt many.

lowkey: can’t we just have sex without a consolation prize nowadays?

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8 thoughts on “it follows after you have sex and get to itching

  1. I am so grateful for self imposed celibacy. It is the best gift I ever could have given myself. Old school TJ Swann scenes, Youngin on Thugbait and those raunchy homemade scenes are the go-to when I gotta go. Not worth it. After monkeypox didn’t prevent those behaviours, I doubt this will either.

  2. I won’t bareback-shame because that’s boring and predictable. All I’ll say is… be mindful of what you do overseas. I wouldn’t have bareback sex with someone from a different country and then have more bb sex when I’m home. No, get tested before and after.

  3. Jamari, thanks for the warning. Unfortunately, too many guys think that “Prep” and “Doxyprep” are the tickets to condom-free casual sex with other men without consequence. They are wrong!

  4. Yall gays just refuse to know yalls boonchies from a hole in the wall! Can’t catch a break because the lack of communication skills has literally made the low hanging fruit of instant sex a social activity. Speaking of, wtf are sooo many of these OF ppl laughing and giggling like school girls throughout the videos like they’re hanging out at a fkn fire island rave?! But I digress… lol

    Stay your ass in the house and watch some old school scenes Jamari, before you be down to the urgent care w this new cooties. Remember the monkeypox chaos?! Smh.

    1. No surprise. This is the NO CONDOM generation and these boys drop their drawers at the sight of any man who smiles their way. 🥸Problem is he probably won’t stop fvcking around while at home in NYC. What a world we live in 😎😎

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