billy porter shows us how to bow down and kiss the ring

billy porter sort of annoys me now.
he comes off fake and doesn’t come off effortless.
it’s like he’s trying too hard or something.
he went to the white house for their juneteenth event and…
he did something that got him trending in the worst way possible…

you are bowing down and kissin’ a white male’s hand at a juneteenth celebration?


the optics of that doesn’t look good.
he did it to kamala too:

bad enough,
the forests are upset they are celebrating Jesus with alleged zionists.
i have nothing to do with that opinion.
i will font that i’m more confused why joe biden looks like it hurts him to move.

is he gonna make it through another 4 years?

lowkey: i saw this and was like damn…

billy has rubbed a lot of people,
including many gays,
the wrong way.

the dress situation is up for debate.
he just gives me attentionisto vibes heavy.

5 thoughts on “billy porter shows us how to bow down and kiss the ring

  1. Look, I think Billy Porter is talented and definitely had his moment at the Oscars with that tuxedo gown and was able to turn that attention to get on a critically acclaimed TV show. Billy Porter’s ego got the best of him, he had the successful show, got the white husband and started feeling himself, he started talking greasy about the black community and his world started to crumble like a cookie. The actors and writers strikes, a pending divorce, having to sell his home; he’s kind of going through it at the moment.

    I support the democratic ticket in the upcoming election, but I do have some concerns. It bothers me that we as Americans are being forced to choose between two men who are 77 and 81 years old. Biden looks his age, and Trump would probably look the same if it weren’t for his hairpiece and tanning spray. It seems like our society has gotten too comfortable with the idea of older people being active and vibrant, perhaps influenced by shows like “Golden Girls”. In that show, the actresses played characters much older than themselves, making people believe that those in their late 70s and 80s were just as active and spirited.

  2. Billy Porter is not our problem. We have too much other stuff to worry about.

  3. MAGA Jamari strikes AGAIN. Funny how you make no mention of Trump rambling incoherently or Majorie and his cult comparing him to Jesus. Let me go ahead and cancel that sub for them regurgitated posts .

    1. Are you serious??? Clearly you must be new here huh? Obviously you haven’t been reading the blogs lately because this Billy Porter situation is nonpartisan everyone from dems to republicans is literally in a tizzy over this one. The optics of it is not a good look period seeing this is triggering for anyone how has an once of self respect black, gay, straight democrat or republican. So stop throwing around insults and think critically if this was the other way around you would have a complete meltdown you people are insane.

    2. Billy Porter is extra AF. Once again, I think ppl would be fine if he wasn’t constantly being treated as the face of black gay men. Everyone recognizes lacks of diversity until its a community of their own in which their visibility isn’t lacking.

      But Billy is like Flame Monroe, IMHO. They’re of a certain age and finally getting their ‘flowers’ (see: checks) and they’re willing to pander to whatever keeps them rolling in.

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