I Guess Shad Wishes His Pull Out Game Was Better

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 11.09.45 PMthis is one the reasons i’m glad i don’t procreate in my world.
this whole “baby daddy/baby mama” drama thing…
no bueno.
so as you know,
bow wow aka shad moss is a baby daddy to a beautiful little girl.
his baby mama is video vixen,
joie chavis.
he is also randomly engaged to erica mena from “love and hiphop” fame.
well it all started when joie didn’t want erica to attend her daughter’s birthday party.
erica mena,
in her typical usual,
was offended by not being invited to a child’s birthday party.
so she said this on camera at a party:

““Shout out to the b**ches who are stalking my Snapchat.
You just a BM b**ch!
Don’t forget.””

soon after,
shad dropped this on his facebook
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