i feel better after i throw up

When I was dealing with Work Wolf,
the anticipation of what was going to happen next took me under.
The anxiety over which vixen he’d be into next left me spiraling.
I made the mistake of falling deeply in love with him,
hoping he’d finally see me and choose me.
Every time I saw him at work with another vixen,
whether it was talking or he spoke about his interest,
my heart would race and I’d find myself in the bathroom.
I’d be physically sick from stress and I’d “release” by throwing up.
Bad enough,
I was dealing with so much on my plate from work and horrible bosses.
When that finally ended and we went our separate ways,
I weighed 120 lbs from 160.
I am 5’11.

Fast forward to my last job.
I was under so much stress by the consistent work load they’d pile on me.
Front desk,
office manager,
mail clerk,
greeting celebrities,
and being a personal assistant to everyone in the office.
Every day,
I would be picked apart and nit picked by all 3 of my bosses.
Nothing I ever did was right.
Despite being well-liked by many,
including the celebs that walked in the door,
my bosses’ jealousy and envy made my days a living nightmare.
The daily pressure had me running to the bathroom to throw up after every meal.
At my going away party,
the photos showed a gaunt,
almost unrecognizable face.
I wear a 32 in pants but had to tighten my belt to the last hole.

this morning,
it happened again…

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pretty in purge?

do jackals and hyenas even get arrested anymore these days?
i don’t know if you been in new yawk as of late,
but the “out of control” has been on 1000.
there are crazy people wyldin everywhere including on the train now.
my home vixen’s cousin who works for the mta said it is dangerous on the train nowadays.
bad enough they have people going back into offices amongst the madness.
this recent incident is a perfect example of what we dealing with now:

new yawk has always been wild but it’s def out of control now.
i had to turn off my citizens app because i was getting OD notifications about crime.
apparently out west,
cali is experiencing the purge?…

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