what is happening on this final season of insecure?

it took one lonely thanksgiving for me to be introduced to season 1 of hbo’s insecure.
it was the same year the show came out but i waited to watch.
i “had seen” everyone tweeting and talking about it,
but i’m usually turned off by too much hype.
as i watch this last season for the series i love,
i keep asking myself

Why is this not hittin’ for a final season?

why am i constantly asking myself did this feel like 30 minutes?
for a show that left us with conversations on twitter,
feeling like we know these characters irl,
i’m feeling really disconnected from what’s happening with this storyline.

Why are they pushing Nathan on us?????????

he is the negro who we had high hopes for and he ghosted.
he didn’t need to be on this season talmbout moving in.
i kinda feel they should have given crenshawn her love interest storyline for the season.
imagine the discussion about dating a jailbird who is a hothead?

him trying to ruin her reputation after she broke up with him would have been great.
i meannnnnnnn…
if we’re gonna be making mad decisions with dating and all.

i don’t mind all the hints of growth from each character,
but the storyline is all over the place and a snoozer.
the only episode that brought me back to the heart of this show was the one with lawrence.
that was episode 3,
“pressure, okay?!”.
the one that had us having real discussions on socials like the good ol days.

Imagine out of all the characters,
besides having an “oops whoopsy baby”,
Lawrence is the most fleshed-out and developed.

with two more episodes,
i’m kinda scared about how this is gonna end.
they have 60 minutes to land this plane and frfr…

it’s giving me “game of thrones” final season.

lowkey: does hbo purposely fuck up their show’s final seasons?
i feel like the only show i’ve watched that ended perfectly was breaking bad.

8 thoughts on “what is happening on this final season of insecure?

  1. Not my favorite season but I’m definitely enjoying it. I do find Nathan a bit uninteresting. I want them to bring Daniel back, though. Have all of Issa’s dudes in the same room. I also like Molly connecting with Taurean. That was unexpected but a nice twist.

  2. I’m actually enjoying it, but I see people on socials talking about the season so I asked my younger friends. They said it wasn’t giving enough “drama”. I said “oh”. Want drama, eh – watch Succession (I LOVE that show!). I am not partial to any of the men, so as long as the courtships seem plausible I will be alright. I do dislike Crenshawn, tho. Shout out to Kofi as Ralph Angel but Insecure can lose him just like SATC can lose grown-up Brady and dramatic ass Stanford…

    1. Every season of Succession has been good but this season was THE BUSINESS! That final twist–I was like, no ma’am! No spoilers though for others who might want to watch it.

  3. I’m really enjoying the show. I guess if you’re a Lawrence fan, this season would be lacking considering he hasn’t been on it much. But I’m not and never was, so I’m fine with Nathan

  4. I thought it was just me Jamari I’m glad someone spoke on it. I’m enjoying it but it’s not my favorite season. I can’t help but feel we’re going to receive an ending that doesn’t have a concrete ending, more like whatever we imagine. I wish Daniel would’ve came back.

  5. I feel you. It’s not giving the drama we
    ‘want’ and expect w finality. I’m ok w that tho. I’m ok w seeing them ‘adulting’ and making sense out of what they’re left w when they realize ‘none of this is how I had it planned in my head’ lol. Your early-mid 30s is a doozy of a time, to say the least.

  6. I might be the odd one out but I’m enjoying it. I’m liking that the characters are growing. A lot of people can relate to the characters and the trajectory they are going on. I do wish it was longer than 30 mins and more than 10 episodes because the show goes by really fast but it’s very relatable.

  7. I’m enjoying it. I don’t know why some people aren’t. It’s about growth and friendship and figuring shit out in life. I think everyone should finish the season out and then make a decision. Some things are better understood as a whole.

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