CJ Wright Needs A Better Stroke, like, YESTERDAY!!!!

For such a sexy Wolf…
With A Body that needs to be FUCKED…

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Are We Attracted to Tyga?

I see so many Vixens hyping this dude up…
…yet I do not see it.
Maybe because he looks so young and tender… literally.
I could probably break him in half.

Well wait becauseĀ  looking at him…

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Ray J: The Fattest Cakes In R and B?

Ray J is kinda… corny.

We all figured this out years ago.
He will always be “Brandy’s Brother” or “The Idiot Who Made Kim Kardashian Relevant” in my eyes.
Then what gets me is he stay trying to be some kind of gangsta.
So he can cut that shit out (see audio from radio interview after Fabolous fight)…

Ray J is a handsome dude those lips I’d like to ride.
Even though, I have a sneaky feeling he wouldn’t be looking for a FOX.
Besides him packing some major steel in his tighty whiteys…

(see Ray J/Kim K sexual sleep-fest)…
…He also packs major Charmin in the back.

Was I the only one who knew Ray J had a nice tail?

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Madea’s Big Sad Family


How many of my Foxes and Wolves went to see this?
I’ll wait….

Well I just came back from seeing it and…

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The “Too Cute; Too Corny” Wolf

Steven Beck.
LL Burrell.
Braylon Edwards.
Ace Rockwood.
Brian Pumper.
Justin Timberlake.
Pooch Hall (Derwin from The Game).
Half the Wolves on Twitter and Facebook.

These are Wolves the average Fox would not kick out of bed.
But even though they are super fine, they are also super corny.

Here is why…

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Ugly Boys Have Different Rules

YIM goes off on The Foxberry.
I am hoping it is everything I was thinking about in my last entry.

The Freak: Yo bout to get off work.
The Freak:
Wha you doin?
The Freak:
How about some head?

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