Frank Ocean Writes Another Letter Again

frankie seems sad…

beautifully written,
as usual.
but… what’s up frank?
do we need to talk?

lowkey: watch niggas start doing a screen shot their thoughts in text edit now.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Frank Ocean Writes Another Letter Again”

  1. I see Frank. Not physically or intimately but metaphorically speaking. I see him, I see the struggle to attain everything in life while juggling all the other things. I see him saying he’s has everything except the love he’s looking for. I see him saying he is about to give up on love or has already. I see frank showing us what some many others wont, that he’s human and he feels just like us. We are all the same, God has just given us different opportunities, skills and talents. What I see is that the life of Frank Ocean, is just like mine normal and its filled with a lot of fucking unanswered questions.. Blah!!!!

  2. Random thoughts. We all have them, but we do not always articulate them to others. I would be willing to read the novel, if he decides to complete it.

  3. Frank is really deep on a mental level and I like that quality about him. His letters show that he’s is human just like the rest of us. He seems like he has lived a long life to be so young and he has a lot to talk about. Whatever he is looking for I hope he finds it soon.

    S/N: I love that pic of him, he’s bad. See you guys, a man doesn’t have to have big muscles to be sexy. (wink)

    1. ^i’d give frank ocean the best sex he ever had.
      he looks like he will mentally and physically fuck me stupid…
      i love that.
      i love a man that knows how to talk and school me.

      1. Yea he probably will rock your would. I wonder what his position is? I just wanna know tho lol. I’m hoping he’s a verse at the least. I’d break his spine.

  4. I’m thinking Frank is a hybrid or fox…I’d just sit behind him, holding him while he types – then we can get nasty after he’s done 🙂

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