Reggie Bush Eats Out The Baby Mama (Oops, Forgot To Add “With”)

“sup reggie…”

i guess reggie bush is taking this one here serious.
i mean, she is already carrying a stomach full of his skeet.
he better.
i’m surprised kris jenner didn’t have her deported to a middle eastern country or something.
reggie and the baby mama went on a dinner date over the weekend…

 cassie hairstyles are done though…

but doesn’t she look like kim?
i keep saying reggie has a type.
it’s not brown, caramel, or black.

speaking of reggie,
do you see those arms?
he got them “pick you up by your butt cheeks” arms.

i wonder if the pipe and stroke is right too?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Reggie Bush Eats Out The Baby Mama (Oops, Forgot To Add “With”)”

  1. That gif is hilarious….he fucked her casket stiff!! Reggie is SO fine to me…I love me a dark chocolate brotha! I hope it works out with his new beau. I think she is hotter then Kim without trying.. just my opinion!

  2. I have a hunch that the peen might be small and that’s why you don’t see him dating too many black women. But I digress… That is a nice face pic of Mr. Bush. Now if I can only see the other bush.

    She is beautiful. I wonder how much of her is natural?

  3. What is the appeal with these baller type wolves and these “exotic” looking women?? Are they the new Cristal?? The new hype? I love D Wade with his sexy ass and I’m so glad he chose a sista! I may be wrong, but whatever! I just think that alot of guys are followers, and if they see other ballers wifeing exotic looking chicks then they think they have to follow suit

  4. Reggie Bush is a nice looking fine man, but its something about him, that I have never liked, along with D. Wade(sorry Sexy Slim), Michael Jordan,Brian McKnight,Tyrese, and Usher they all come off as Douche-bags to me. I have never met any of these famous men and may be way off base, but something about their spirits seem foul, maybe Im wrong.

    1. I completely agree with you . I feel like they are a little bit arrogant and Tyrese has shown time and time again that he is an ass-hole. I digress tho.

  5. I think it was Luvvie that said Reggie & Kim K are dating “lite” versions of their exes…lolol

    Or maybe just repackaged versions

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