The Art of Letting Go: Screen Shot Edition

i’m getting ready to climb my mountain again.
i was down in a dark place for the last two months.
i’ve been stuck in a valley for a little while now,
but i had to get down here to see what i didn’t want in my life.
it has been an interesting time.
i wanted to share the following game with the foxhole.
it is called “the art of letting go” from magick moods.
you have to take a screen shot for the results.
mine was on point because…
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mental homework (9)

…but after this comment,
i may start again.

i love a feel good story.
after the year i’ve had,
to read something like this makes me uncheck “GIVE UP” and recheck “KEEP GOING“.
ty came by and left this comment i felt everyone needed to read.
foxes especially.
he left it in “It’ll Cost 10,000 To Get A “Fat Ol Donkey Ass” By Christmas!
there is a message in it for you somewhere.
you’ll find yours…

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mental homework (8)

since today is sunday,
i wanted you guys to do an exercise with me.
one that you won’t even have to get up out of bed or off the couch.
well, you will need to get your computer or pen and paper

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