lets be dl and cruise gay bars in a glam noir virtual world!

i was telling folks that as soon as metaverse from fb launches,
i may just be one of the first to sign tf up.
mark zuckerberg said it would be a vr world that we would reside in.
it would be a place where we’ll socialize and work while never leaving home.

Imagine all the VR filth that folks will be having once this launches.

the only viruses you have to worry about is something norton would fix.
this was when everyone was #inside during the panny tho.
now that everyone is #outside,
and they want folks back in offices,
that concept may be dead in the water.
since we have to (maybe) wait for that,
there is a game with a DL gay lead that is out now.
it’s called “the beat: a glam noir game“.
you can even go to a gay bar to cruise within the storyline…

The Beat: A Glam Noir Game is an investigative thriller where players take on the role of a closeted gay cop who is investigating a murder in a city’s gay scene. While tracking down clues over seven days and nights, you’ll explore places like a gay bar and a cruising area rendered with an impressive eye for detail. “The gay bar is this strange other world in which the main character steps,” says game developer Luke Miller. “He’s drawn to it but doesn’t fully understand why. We got permission to go into a real gay pub in Melbourne for our reference photos, so in addition to the main story, what you see in the game is a small window into some actual gay spaces.”


this sounds interesting.
imagine if its like gta…

You go to gay bars in disguise so you find suspects but hook up in cars and bathrooms.

that would be kinda dope.
i’m sure when\if we enter the metaverse,
they will make sure we are covered for our debauchery.
you can check out “the beat: a glam noir game”: here

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Author: jamari fox

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  1. The other thing about Meta’s Metaverse is that like everything involving Meta/Facebook/IG they will be tracking, recording and quantifying as data everything you do as data points to be aggregated and sold to the highest bidder, which could be any other corporation, wealthy private institution or organization, billionaire, or anyone and anything else, including the federal and state governments. Given Facebook’s and other big tech companies’ track records we should all be a bit wary and not let down our guards too easily.

  2. Apparently the developers haven’t seen The Sims 4 footage. They doing everything in The Sims but this sounds like a Call of Duty meets Grand Theft Auto. They probably been better off calling it Call of Booty

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