lets be dl and cruise gay bars in a glam noir virtual world!

i was telling folks that as soon as metaverse from fb launches,
i may just be one of the first to sign tf up.
mark zuckerberg said it would be a vr world that we would reside in.
it would be a place where we’ll socialize and work while never leaving home.

Imagine all the VR filth that folks will be having once this launches.

the only viruses you have to worry about is something norton would fix.
this was when everyone was #inside during the panny tho.
now that everyone is #outside,
and they want folks back in offices,
that concept may be dead in the water.
since we have to (maybe) wait for that,
there is a game with a DL gay lead that is out now.
it’s called “the beat: a glam noir game“.
you can even go to a gay bar to cruise within the storyline…

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Let’s Butt Fuck Cupid

Valentine’s Day.
The Day The Earth Stood Still For Singles

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