Don’t Start The Fire If You Can’t Take Your Hose And…

…. grrrrr!!!!

Everyone has a different experience in this lifestyle.

Some of us can walk out the door and start sucking a dick by the time you turn a corner.
Others meet Wolves once we get them comfortable.
A majority however are not meeting anyone.
It is what it is, ya know?
I believe it is all in your season.
At that time, you are you most confident and your sex appeal is highest.

Sometimes, a nigga is just having an OFF moment.

But, what happens when you meet a Wolf you think gets down and he is slowly going about the connection?
You know that wack “I’m really undressing you with my eyes” bullshit.
How do you successfully get him out his fur?
And, would he ever come out?
I had to wonder…

How do you rescue the Wolf who is trapped in his own closet,
but trying to get into yours?

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I Have Been Holding Onto A Horrible Secret

I think it is time to finally say it out loud.

Okay, before you think anything, let me warn you….
It is bad.
Not bad like AIDS or HIV bad.
No, I didn’t kill anyone or attempt to kill.
No running over dogs, cats, or other animals.
I pee standing up and I do not wear wigs.
I only stole once… okay twice… and I got caught and was scarred for life.
(Do you know what they do to pretty Foxes like me in jail?)
No, this is something more serious… or maybe it isn’t….

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The Blocked Emails Files

Why are you sending me emails,
but blocking me from responding?

What is this about really?

I believe in talking a situation out.
When you are ready to talk like adults,
And let me explain my side as to everything…

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Get The HELL Up Out My Face “Boy”.

Sitting in the barber’s chair just now, I had a PREMIUM thought flash through my head.
I looked at myself in the mirror and I saw myself and smiled…

I have been placed here to see my Foxes grow and be strong.
I am here to inspire you all to be powerful human beings.
I want to put a major dent in the game.
I already started judging from my views and comments.
Even my Wolves have learned something or two from getting up deep in me.
I had a moment this morning that actually helped me than defeated me.
And now I have the perfect conclusion to help you as well as me.

Here it goes…

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Run Run… The Wolf Will Run.

Ya know…

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Honesty Is The Foxy Policy

You’re a prized possession, not everybody’s worthy.

I am a huge fan of Jill Scott.

She is the definition of a great talent, in my book.
Something about her voice and her words inspire me
to be greater and find love of myself and of someone else.

I bought her new album today,
Hidden Beach presents: The Original Jill Scott: from the vault vol. 1,
and she had a song that made me throw it on repeat on a few times.
If you do not have the album, I suggest you make it part of your musical collection.

“Wake up baby… wake up…”

It made me have to be completely honest with my readers and myself.

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