Get The HELL Up Out My Face “Boy”.

Sitting in the barber’s chair just now, I had a PREMIUM thought flash through my head.
I looked at myself in the mirror and I saw myself and smiled…

I have been placed here to see my Foxes grow and be strong.
I am here to inspire you all to be powerful human beings.
I want to put a major dent in the game.
I already started judging from my views and comments.
Even my Wolves have learned something or two from getting up deep in me.
I had a moment this morning that actually helped me than defeated me.
And now I have the perfect conclusion to help you as well as me.

Here it goes…


We as Foxes get WAY too dependant on Wolves.
Whether it is with money, great sex, or just his presence to prove we aren’t alone.
Somehow with all those things, we get attached and scared he will leave us.
They can be dramatic and throw emotional upheaval in our lives.
Expect us to bend over backwards to please them and their needs.
But when we do it or have a slight flaw: we are the bad guys.

Words especially from a NEW YORK Fox.

You should already be good in your life.
Your money should still be coming in.
You should have a roof over your head and food in your fridge.
You should have fly clothes on your back and a dream in your heart.
If a Wolf wants to go: let him.

Always remember: YOU WILL BE OKAY.
Even if he was providing for you and paying your bills and upkeep,
you should already know how you will take care of yourself.
If you have to get 3 jobs to get back on your feet.
In life, we fall HARD so we can experience what it is like to climb back up.
BUT, in that fall, you should have a parachute.
If you know in your heart that you did not do wrong,
then let God take care of it.
He will bring someone BETTER and more QUALIFIED TO HANDLE YOU in your life.
It may be an hour from now, a day from now, a week from now, or a year from now.
But just continue to walk in the right direction and he WILL show his face.

I’m thankful for YOU guys.
I’m thankful for your comments and your emails.
I’m thankful for your tweets.
And I’m especially thankful that God gives me ideas to write about.

I have an empire to build.
And you guys will be part of that.

So enjoy your Thanksgivings.
Enjoy the time with your families and friends.
And I will do the same.

I love you guys.


^dedicated to you.
listen to the words of that song carefully.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Get The HELL Up Out My Face “Boy”.”

  1. great outlook on life!!! u should never let some one take care of you and have no way of taking care of yourself. If he goes, life goes on!! pick yourself up and keep it movin!! There are some many other fish in the sea. Go fishing!!!

  2. I’m sorry your going thru this today but I love your outlook! Keep that head up and keep it movin!
    Happy turkey day

    1. ^thanks Drea.
      On a day that really is emotionally draining,
      I got to deal with this bullshit.
      God got my back and he is the only one I need right about now.

      But you have an AMAZING Turkey Day yourself baby 😉

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