Justin Bieber is Now Overitandyou.me

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.31.12 PMyour mental health comes first before anything else.
i’m learning that and it seems justin bieber is as well.
as of late,
he seems completely over it and everyone in it.
fans and stans included?
he posted ^that picture with the following caption


qvd4yXmeven tho justin is annoying AF,
i feel him quite heavy.
as of late,
he doesn’t seem like his heart is even in it anymore.

justin-bieber-meet-greet-4-compressedhe is rich enough to end it all,
but i’m sure he has obligations to pay back.

it must be hard to a music celebrity.
everyone looks at all the money and “power”,
but they don’t know the behind the scenes struggle.
they don’t see that as soon as you sign that contract,
you pretty much hand your soul over.
you pretty much become a slave to a label.
no matter how tired or exhausted you are,
you still have to get out there and bring in revenue.
god forbid you don’t have a “beyonce” or “taylor swift” type of career.
anigif_enhanced-buzz-22239-1421430007-49since music doesn’t sell anymore,
you gotta pull in endorsements if you even want to see a profit.
you still have:

label budget
public relations,
god know who else

…to pay back.
it doesn’t become about “you” anymore.
i can see why they get hooked on drugs and other addictions.
as soon as they die,
they make even more money.
it’s really about how much you can make “us”.
it’s almost similar to how we work these stressful ass “9 to 5”.
if we don’t produce for the company,
or be the animal we were in the job interview,
they fire us with the quickness.
funny how that all ties together.
i hope justin can get it together.

lowkey: bad enough his fans act like this…

they take the cake as the craziest stan club.

caption credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Justin Bieber is Now Overitandyou.me”

  1. Please. His fans been got the craziest award when they were cutting themselves for him. I understand if he can’t deal with them constantly

  2. Welcome to the America dream where overworking, minimum vacation, and playing fake nice is the American lifestyle. I bet he is going back to Canada. Shit I’m thinking about moving to Canada o Puerto Rico

    1. Canada’s pretty much the same with the “American Dream” lifestyle, but I’ll take being over here any day of the week lol. We don’t want that nutjob anyway, y’all can keep him lol.

  3. Oh wow with the snow vixen, like WTF that was too much for me. Damn this is one star along with countless others I have no clue about. I actually heard he has some good music, but sadly if I was on a game show and was task to name one of his songs, I would lose. If he is indeed a Pisces, he is telling the truth, one of my best friends is a Pisces and they do everything with feeling and they have a sixth sense that most people who are not Pisces can tap into. My friend can tell what seems at the time the craziest shit about people that turn out to be true to the point that it is eerie. I have no doubt that his energy is tapped out. That pic above with the dude, his eyes look soulless and empty. I would love the money they have but not the fame nothing like having your peace of mind.

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