I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (48)

tumblr_m45cbkaexS1r4yegro1_5001i was always taught that a man never lays his hand on a woman.
even if she is up in your face,
you try to find a way to restrain her.
well with these new breed of un-trained racthets these days,
it seems more vixens are trying to fight wolves.
i have a video i saw on darnell dockett’s instagram and well…

so part one is two jackals in the wild.
it doesn’t show how it started,
but she gets up in his face as he is trying to walk away.
watch what she does at the end

ย it quickly escalated to this:


the she jackal was clearly in his face and she hit him.
as the male species,
it never ends well when we law paws on vixens.
the system doesn’t care who started shit first.
should he have just walked it off?
or was it justified him molly whoppin’ that ass?
in your honest opinion…

Was he wrong?

lowkey: it’s funny,
when mi attacked me,
i was trying to restrain her,
but my testosterone also kicked in.
i didn’t punch her,
but i just remember trying to block what she was throwing.
ย i ended up with the only marks on my body.

video credited: darnell dockett

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (48)”

  1. Okay, that’s a big she-jackal, she looked taller than him. He’s thin too. Now I had no problem if he got the girl off him, but he did too much, he didn’t have to keep hitting her while she was down. He’s too old to get away with putting hands on a female like that, then he was cocky about the situation

  2. I’d have beat that bitch with a bat. A woman can maim or kill you. If she wants to fight you like a man then she needs to get hit like one. #youtoldharpotobeatme

  3. *channeling Ms. Sophia* “I loves our women of color, God knows I do”….buuuuut, they can be the ABsolute WORST when it comes to unduly provoking,then subsequently not backing down to a damn MAN….smdh…this the type of fodder Mr. Sotomayor lives for…a hair-hatted hooligan in training lol

  4. The girl ask for it tbh. He did try to walk away and ignored her, but she did touch him. However, I thought if a girl hits you twice then it’s okay to hit her back to defend yourself.

    But yea J, I been noticing vixens, well black vixens, are getting more manly and stepping up to wolves like nothing.

    1. Yea, compared to these spanish bitches that just let youll men whoop they ass and then go cook them dinner, refrain from black matters please, you punk bitch

  5. Nah, I would not have beat her down like that, but I would have removed her from my personal space for sure. By looking at the first video, you would think she was going to handle him.

  6. In this case they will both be charged with assault. They appeared that they were grown and not high school students even though they were in a class room setting. Maybe it was a coed Parole GED class since she was about that life. You have two individuals who grew up fighting and neither saw anything wrong in what they done to each other an the others in the classroom had the mentality of this is how it goes down since no one step up to the plate to say stop it. When it is all said and done they are probably fukkin anyway. God Bless the person who wants to start the “No Ratchet Left Behind” movement. Most of us are tired of fighting for justice for fair and equal treatment on all fronts for our people and then have to come home to people who dont give a flying fukk about what so many on a daily basis are out here doing, they just keep adding fuel to the IDGAF fire of what happens to those less fortunate souls who lose the most when the Govt comes down on minorities. Grandma’s hands didnt pray for this.

  7. He couldn’t have walked away from that. Easily. He let her get inside his head and also didn’t want to lose face. Walk away. Walk away. Walk away. Fuck, RUN away. It is not worth it…and NEVER a good look. I don’t care what anyone says. Deliberately not addressing her, as he shouldn’t have. He let her control the situation and escalate it. Walk the fuck away. What have you proved when you beat on a woman, any woman. Only one thing. Unless you are in real (REAL) danger from her, just walk away. If he could kick her ass, he could have gotten away, out the door. Out of the room. Out of the building. He was young, got caught up and made poor choices that will affect him — NOT her.

  8. I am a high school teacher. Unfortunately, I see this kinda stuff TOO often. This is what I tell my students: “Ladies and Gentleman, this is the 21st Century, and I am sad to say that Chivalry in many of our neighborhoods is dead. With that in mind, this advice is to you ALL. If you hit, expect to get hit. If you don’t want to get hit, DON’T HIT!!!!” What really pisses me off is when I see a young female walk up in a young male and open hand slap or punch him, in his face now, and then try to hide behind “Men shouldn’t or are not supposed to hit women.” I call BS!!!!!

  9. I am so tired of people pretending like women deserve special privilages because they are women. If any woman is bold enough to hit a man, she deserves to be hit back.

    F#*% all this, it’s a woman bullshxt…this is life and the real world. Every time I see dudes talking about youre not supposed to hit a female. I always side eye. I respect anyone that respects me but Ill be a damned fool if I let some other HUMAN run up on me & then listen to others chatise me for doing so.

    I respect the ladies and will fight for one if she is under injustice but one that fuels the fire and attacks me. I have every right to defend myself from any ATTACKER.

    See I love Karma cause it doesnt give a f**k. You do wrong it comes back on you be it that youre man or woman….You start ish you better be able to finish it.

    Would you tease a rattlesnake and when it bites asks why did it bite you?

  10. My mother told me that if a woman goes “belly to belly” with a man, then she deserves to be hit. To me, it seems that he attacked him (was the initial physical aggressor) and that he struck to protect himself. After that, like the police say “he used whatever force was necessary to overcome her force.” That is, she should have run away but we see that she got up to chase him–as if she wanted to be put down again.

    I don’t like men hitting women but women have to do their part by not hitting men!

  11. Women scream “equality” but wanna cry when men defend themselves after being physically attacked. Idgaf, if a woman initiates a fight by hitting a man or throwing something on him, SHE DESERVES to get her ass BEAT! *drops mic*

    Rule of thumb: Keep your hands to yourselves!

  12. I agree with a lot of the comments. My Mom always told my Sisters that if you hit a man, expect to get hit back. It’s all about respect. The minute you put your hands on someone, it’s fair game regardless of gender or size.

    He showed restraint until she hit him then he had every right to whup her big ass.

  13. Femnisim wanting to be equal and treated like a man, however wants the benefits of being a female. I can hit you you can’t hit me femnisim. I want you to pay my way/meals on all dates femnisim however I want to be treated equally to a man ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜

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