joseph d and his perfect cheeks are off the market (wolves are crying everywhere)

joseph d (@josephd_fit) has the bawdy of a Gawd.
i mean,
he should since he is a personal trainer.
his best asset is well…


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you already know.
it seems that those fitness bunz had a blue check on it real heavy…

avery wilson,
who just came out as bi a couple of months ago.

the foxhole alerted me to a series of videos that tipped everyone off:

i mean,
avery had no issues comment creepin’ on his ig pictures.

everyone thought joseph was getting smashed by this one:


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…but i never thought so after really looking it from a different angle.
juan doesn’t promote the vixen(s) he is fuckin…

What makes you think he will promote the male?

he strikes me as the type that if he was to fuck with a male,
it would be on the low.
super low.
no following on social media and only communicate on burner accounts type of shit.
juan is trying to be some sex symbol on his social media too so there’s that.

i’m happy for joesph tho.
i mean,
the relationship made “the shade room” so you know this is serious.


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congrats to them both.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

35 thoughts on “joseph d and his perfect cheeks are off the market (wolves are crying everywhere)”

  1. On the low is for boyfriends. Once I’m married, i better be PLASTERED all over his social media.
    Change your bio to “husband of”.
    The “I like to be private” is for work.
    I wish I would go out to lunch with friends and have people flirting with my king.
    I believe the “he is just private” is for people who are still insecure with their sexual orientation or are embarrassed of who they’re dating.

    The whole point of love is it CHANGING you. Getting out of your comfort zone. Introverts will suddenly want to introduce you to family.

    One thing I know is that “keep it on the low” will have family asking who you are at the hospital. I need something to show for my time invested in you. I will be more than just a chapter in your life’s story.

    To each their own I’m not going to be 60 and claiming “this is my roommate” when I go to cookouts.

      1. That’s very true, it’s also very true that we tend to come out to the world as bisexual before gay to keep some sort of privilege

        1. I reserve that for people who are bi, but you never see them with the same sex. Comes off like living straight, but wanting LGBT street cred.

          1. When has anyone on this planet wanted LGBT street cred like wtf is that even? Lol you Whalin!!
            Frank ocean also said he was bi but he only dates white men lol you never see him with a woman.

            Most DL men are usually bisexual unless they are just gay men hiding but women can usually figure out when a man doesn’t get turned on by them. So in most common cases the sex lives are great these men just had this need of being with men as well but they know it’s not openly accepted.

  2. Cute couple❤
    Avery is based in LA and Joseph lives in NJ so I guess they will have Bi(Coastal) relationship 😀

  3. More power to both Avery and Joseph. Both are beautiful brothas. I hope their love lasts and flourishes! Love seeing Black men together too. (And the braids/locs look fine to me.)

  4. 2 shady bottoms. lol. i give them 2 months.

    Whats up with the puerto rock doe. i been tryna figure his gay ass out.

      1. He’s weird he’s pro Trump and his onlyfans is trash

        Avery seems nice but the Joseph dude wants clout they don’t seem like they’re lookingFor the same thing and y’all long distance?? Ok lol hope it doesn’t end in heartbreak and that both know it’s strictly contractual

        I have noticed since Avery nudes leaked He’s been trying to up the sex appeal probably trying to secure a clout monster like Joseph lol these type of dudes can’t be monogamous and the fact it came out of nowhere suggests Avery had something Joseph wanted .. his profile is rising perhaps?

  5. Sure we can say that if each person do what he or she wants it shouldn’t to anyone. People in general need to mind their own business!!!

  6. Okay so I think him living his truth is a beautiful thing but unfortunately I don’t see his career going anywhere beyond the gay establishments. I really hope that people are able to get past this at some point but unfortunately as an R&B singer the black community have not gone past celebrating a gay black man.

    This is why though Tyler Perry is gay as long as he doesn’t admit to it, he doesn’t make them uncomfortable and he knows that.

    Now hear me out I understand that Avery wanted to live his truth but sharing it all over social media will not help his career. I think it was better to have some kind of mystique like Frank Ocean and build your resume as a singer and a songwriter.

    Avery has the most beautiful voice so he should look into doing pop as well like a nice pop mainstream hit song with those vocals. Switch it up and expand your art so you don’t get stuck singing in gay clubs or events you’d whole career. Then once you’ve secured your bag, you can post up with whoever you are dating on social media. This ain’t no game!

    Unfortunately white gay singers get away with it; you have Sam smith out there saying he is they she he her everything and wearing dresses and still singing with powerhouses. But black people are cruel to their own so I hope he doesn’t compare himself to white gay singers.

    Btw that’s not hiding who you are, he already came out as bi but having a mystery or mystique makes you more interesting. Posting videos with these thirst trappers ain’t the way to go!

    1. “but having a mystery or mystique makes you more interesting”

      ^This! I say the same thing about Instagram gays who decide to create an OnlyFans account fucking any & everybody or those couples that post their sex videos online. After a while it gets boring.

      Mystique does make you attractive as it keeps people guessing. When everybody knows your tea you become old news quick.

      1. ^THAT 👏🏾 PART 👏🏾

        this is why beyonce and rihanna are the most success of them all.
        everyone wants to go the route of kim k,
        but aren’t interesting enough for that

      2. All men lose their appeal once they give in to the hype.

        George, Dallas, Lamont…we’ve probably seen them naked more than women do. Now they’re all corny to me and you realize they’re not getting no top notch pussy because they rely on gay men for money and women don’t like men that are more into themselves than women🤷🏾‍♂️

        1. ^ and all of them can’t give strokes to save their lives.
          all a mess.

          folks gotta learn keeping a mystique and still being open.
          i see many of the homophobic ones lost their appeal and no one is fuckin with them anymore.

  7. I ‘ve read or watched every interview and read every Tumblr post Frank Ocean has done since 2012 and I’ve never heard him say he was bisexual.He has said he doesn’t do labels in GQ back in 2012.His friend Tyler has stated Frank is gay,not bisexual, multiple times including on The Arsenio Hall Show.Frank’s mother also liked a comment on her IG that said Frank was gay not bisexual about 2 or 3 years ago.Madonna and Pharrell have also referred to him as gay not bisexual in interviews.I personally think he identifies as gay not bisexual but he has never stated that publicly.

    As for who he dates he has dated a mixed race(French,Vietnamese,Senegalese) model named Willy and a Mexican guy named Memo Guzman.It was also rumored he dated a mixed race boxer.
    So he hasn’t ONLY dated white men but I have definitely seen him at a concert with a white guy.Love is love❤

    1. Oh please. Those are All white men lol. I’m so sick of people tryna pass people off as non white and POC so they aren’t labeled as colorists

  8. Joseph D is so over the top. Outside of the nice body he is annoying. Congrats on him finding someone but I don’t see it lasting long unless Avery likes that type of energy.

  9. Damn! It’s always the attentionistos I like. Juan is sexy and thick af where it counts too. What a waste!

    Anyway, if Avery & Joseph weren’t such clout pigs, I’d be here for their relationship. PrivateGuy is generous giving them 2 months… I give them 6 weeks. Not even Valentine’s Day.

    Someone will do or say something ignorant hoe shit.

    Joseph’s eyes are off, sinister even… and Avery has been bulking up since he’s been with him. We might got us Agu & Clouse 2.0 for the culture.

    Side note: Joseph reminds me of @its_ramad. Same plump ass and everything, except Ramad is a sweetheart.

  10. Joseph gives me the creeps something evil about him lol anyway the guy on instagram athousandlooks fucked him.

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