tyler lepley ain’t gay and neither is tyler perry

i thought tyler lepley was one of the sexiest wolves on “have and have nots“.
when that show first started,
he was one of the many reasons tuned in to watch his character “benny”.
as his career grew,
he turned into a real snack over the years:


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A post shared by Tyler Lepley (@tylepley)

i remember writing something about him in the past and he ended up blocking me.
the article was about was seeing someone who looked like him on the train one day.
won’t lie to you,
it hurt,
but i moved tf on and found many other wolves to lust after.
i heard through the foxhole that he wasn’t comfortable with male attention.
he allegedly blocked many other males from supporting him.
so when he had this interview on the podcast “lip service” via “rolling out“…


I remember when I first started out, I was seeing [rumors of being gay] here and there. For whatever reason, people were associating it with my first show. I came out on a Tyler Perry show and for whatever reason, he gets a rap like that, and I know Tyler [Perry] personally and he’s not gay. I was seen around him and all of a sudden ‘he’s rubbing off on me’ and people felt like I was gay or something like that.

Lepley said he is currently in a committed relationship, but spurned Yee’s plea to identify the mystery woman. He didn’t seem overly concerned with people’s perception of his masculinity.

“I had done something while I was on the set of ‘P-Valley.’ Maybe I was with Clifford or I think I was taking a picture with Alphonse who plays Little Murda, and people started off with the gay thing again. I think if you have a space that people can’t figure out, they can just create a judgment.

i think it was this pic:

…which i was shocked he took a picture with uncle clifford.

so i have thoughts and i’ll start with ty first.
there are other actors with gay rumors swirling around them,
but they don’t address or give it any energy.
it comes with the job tbh.
tyler lepley is out here blocking males for commenting that he is attractive.
i can understand disrespectful shit like nudes and aggressive sexuality in dms getting blocked,
but he seems extremely bothered for no reason at all.
being bothered and keeping the vixen he is dating a mystery,
it’s a no brainer that folks wonder what his story is.

Can we blame him tho?

some black folks are cruel and will label you something you aren’t.
i can see why he would feel a certain way if people kept assuming he was gay.
black straight males in entertainment don’t have the luxury that white males have.
black straight males will be typecasted as “gay” for wearing a pink shirt.
it doesn’t help when some gay males do this as well.
we should already know how that feels and be more emphatic,
but some gays are double agents with the straights so…

i need tyler lepley to get it together tho.
if you are gonna assume the role of sex symbol,
that is a role that gets admired by vixens and the gay community.
if you don’t want the responsibility,
become ugly.

lowkey: ty lepley is very interesting on his social media.
you can tell he is “a rapper” by his posts.

article cc: rolling out

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “tyler lepley ain’t gay and neither is tyler perry”

  1. I hope that Madea stimulus check was worth it! Perhaps he’ll buy a nicer suit with it. That cheap suit and Angela Yee’s fat quarantine face is sending me (straight outta this post!)

  2. He has ALWAYS come across as obnoxious to me. His little “rap” persona just amplified that.

  3. Again these so called straight people. Regardless , of what you do in the dark is and will appear in the light . Be happy an enjoy life , because life is to short!!!

  4. He may be 10000% straight, but everyone knows Tyler is not. Idek why that’s still being discussed.

  5. I was struck by him starting off with ” I know Tyler isn’t Gay”…. Okay..Anything that came after that had me pushing the ” Pause button”… Before he made these statements I never ever thought of him as being “Gay” . He didn’t strike me as such and I didnt care .However,,, ( ha ha ha)

  6. Ugly people aint deserving of attention? and what exactly makes him attractive? What qualifies as ugly? Dark skin? Weight? Societal standards of who and what is ugly is beyond me. Its become such a norm we dont even realize we are doing it? Lightskin and being in shape makes him good looking? We are alk UNATTRACTIVE to someone. How many times have you said someone is attractive and your homegirl says the opposite. Its peoples perception of this standard beauty that classifies who fits where and it is disappointing. I have no issue with you Jamari I just couldnt help but notice that.

    1. ^definitely wasn’t talking about being light skin and being in shape when i was speaking of being ugly.
      there are plenty of unattractive light skin males who are in shape.

      you took it way out of context and that’s okay.

      1. Instead of receiving things and hearing people most individuals take things as an insult or an attack and that is neither I am speaking from a place many of you would not understand and THAT IS OKAY! And I asked questions be mindful of that. And we can agree on that but you said “become ugly” YOUR WORDS so I am asking what is the judge and jury of what and who is attractive and who isnt and as a user said to me “that man is fine” as though I have to admit hes attractive? There is a lack of understanding that some people may already believe he is unattractive and the majority would agree that he is not because of societal conditioning and what is attractive. And I believe you understand that but you fail to see youre own conditioning as to why you would say “become ugly”. But to each is own this is your blog and your opinion reigns supreme. Good day. You have officially lost me.

    2. Everyone understands what’s ‘attractive’. Cut it out. That man is fine. There’s no question. No one is saying unattractive ppls lives don’t matter, but pretending he isn’t extremely attractive is a waste of EVERYONE’S time, including yours sir.

      1. Attraction is moot. Mr. Lepley blocked Jamari. Jamari has a platform. By continuing to promote Mr. Lepley, he is getting more clout, clicks and eyes on his project, therefore income based off of Jamari. He isn’t worth mentioning on this website whatsoever.

        You wouldn’t go back to a store where the manager accused you of stealing. This won’t make Mr. Lepley unblock him and certainly won’t make him be happy to see Jamari when this blog surpasses TheShadeRoom and their paths cross.

        1. Speak on it! Cause I would never. Rotimi the actor once called me ugly unprovoked after I gave him grwat advice and he wanted to follow me on social and I promise you I never watched Power again and never supported him in any way shape or form. The article is screaming pick me. I really thought nore highly of this blog but clearly I need to create my own space where certaun behaviour wont be tolerated. This man is clearly an undercover homophobe and probably something more undercover.

          1. Rotimi’s ugly face confuses me. His features aren’t ugly by themselves, it’s just the amalgamation of them on his face that makes him ugly. Wasted yellow.

        2. Wow.

          Jamari, for the sake of your dignity, don’t post him or anything relating to his aggressively plain caveman-brow-can’t-dress-non-fetal-alcohol-syndrome-Drake looking ass here in 2021.

  7. Jamari, what is this post? “Can we blame him tho?” Yeah, it’s childish behavior. I cannot wait until he and Shaun Mendes get exposed.

    Look at Harry Styles. Not caring if people think he’s gay.

    You remember those jocks in highschool who could wear a dress on Halloween and nobody thought they were gay? Neither Shaun Mendes nor Tyler could do that. They’re not comfortable with themselves and it speaks VOLUMES.

    You don’t have to wear a dress to be comfortable, but the point is..TALKING about it shows that you ARE NOT comfortable. You protest too much. If you have to keep TELLING people what you are, you aren’t that. You’re trying to convince yourself.

    Does Beyonce walk into a room and say she’s a celebrity? What’s understood doesn’t have to be said. Your aura and demeanor will speak for themselves.

    People really make anyone famous. I don’t think he’s particularly talented, so clearly people are giving him attention he wouldn’t get if they didn’t think he was attractive.

  8. He needs to STFU. His past shenanigans and bizness in Philly will come to the light sooner than later. He is a try hard for sure and one who is sexually insecure

    1. ^this is why people should leave well enough alone.
      this is how folks will bring up receipts of everything you said you didn’t or never did.

    2. Philly? We don’t even need to go back that far! Let’s talk about his Atlantic Station LA Fitness locker room shenanigans circa 2019. That nigga eyefucked the hell out of me and nodded his head toward the showers. He’s basic and short as fuck in person with a big ass head. I ignored his plain ass and chuckled because he had given my boy head in the stalls a few days before. He got the message and followed some basic ass white boy into the stalls. He’s a sex addict.

  9. The huge ??? Is why does he / Lepley feel the needs to deny or should I say assert his str8ness. If he’s not then sdo be it. He sounds awfully insecure for a grown man.

    1. Thank u! I was thinking the same thing. I also feel like the whole “rapper” image is a way for him to look “straight” and be more appealing so no one can question his sexuality.

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