Who The FUCK Are You Right Now?

I want you ALL to do me a favor…

It’s Sunday and I am sure you are either on Twitter,
updating Facebook,
or talking on the phone.
My bad Foxes could be waiting for a Wolf to come over…

… and bang your back out…

Well, for a few minutes I want you to ask yourself…

If YOU were the Wolf of your dreams,
would you be interested in YOU?

Look at your closet.
Look at your shoes.
Look at your mentality.
Look at your skin.
Look at your body.
IMPORTANTLY, look inwards.

Are you the man of your man’s dreams?

First and foremost, we all want this great Wolf.
But, are you his fantasy?
I’m not saying you need to have a gigantic ass and a cut up body.
Because that will only want him sexually and you do not want to be simply FUCKED.

No you need more to pull him and TRAP him.

If you were to talk to your Wolf right now…
would he be interested in what you had to say?
What if he was down and depressed…
Would you be able to pick him up?

What if he lost his job tomorrow?
Would you have the advice to help him get back up and get that money?

Suppose he punched you in the face…
Would you be able to leave?
Or would you crawl back to him for more abuse?

Do you have a job?
Are you hustling for meals?
Are you sleeping on someone’s couch?
What about your crib… do you have an apartment?
Or are you living with ya parents?
Are you independent?
Or, are you dependent?

How much money do you have in your bank account?
Do you have any savings?
What would happen if you lost everything tomorrow?
Would you be able to pick yourself up?

Where do you work?
Is it a dead-end?
Are you happy?
Or are you striving for better?
Is your pay check more than 200 dollars every two weeks?

What if EVERYONE in your life turned their back on you?
What if you lost all your followers and Facebook “friends”?
Would you be okay? Or would you need to faint?

Do you have an attitude problem?
Would you turn off your Wolf if he observed your body language in public?
Do you confuse being outspoken with tearing people down?

What about your hygiene?
Are your teeth clean?
Is your breath tart?
Do you take showers?
Is your Fox tail always fresh?
Is your Fox tail still tight?

Can you tell the difference between a Wolf you fuck…
…versus a Wolf you lock down?
Do you fall for weak game?
Can you spot lies?
Do you ask questions when you feel things don’t make sense?
Do you tolerate bad behavior?
Or, do you give chances after chances?

Do you have faith?
Do you believe in God?
Do you put all your trust in him?
Or, do you pull out when things do not go your way?

Your future Wolf depends on these answers.
Hell, YOU depend on these answers.

As a Fox, you should be together.

So when your Wolf comes in your life,
you can tell him:

You know you fuck up…
and you out that door right?

If you can’t tell him,
or anyone for that matter,
that then you need to get it together.

Because you are NOT going to attract any Wolf with all the wrong answers…
to those RIGHT questions.

Enjoy your night.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “Who The FUCK Are You Right Now?”

  1. I only read a little bit of this. Up to the part that ask am I the man of my dreams. The answer, honest answer is No. I had to stop reading and say damn, I’m not. It takes alot to get me horny, excited or interested in a guy. He has to be big, buff, handsome, rich, straight in the publics eye…I ask for alot of my dream man, which is probably why my luv life is no dream but a nightmare…

    More importantly…I myself am nuts…Stressed out, chasing my career dreams, struggling, I don’t care about my looks like I used to…I once would get a facial and a massage once a month…Now I’m too afraid to spend money because I don’t know what bad may happen 2moro…Plus a bunch of other stuff…Bottom line…No I’m not the man that I want my significant other to be. That’s crazy. Talk about an ah ha moment…

    1. ^glad I was able to let you have that AH HA moment shea.

      Now do NOT go out there and go broke,
      but wake up and say, “I want more”.
      You are already on the path to chasing your career goals.
      But you clearly want more.
      This may be your test.
      And your trusty Fox gave you a cheat sheet.

    2. This may help… What I did a few months ago is… I made a list of pros and cons about myself.. And I filled in this list and was brutally honest with myself.. I also made a list of short term, and long term goals, and dreams..I made the goals realistic and let the dreams be just that, dreams! I’m trying to make the pros even better, and improve on the cons.. It gives me something to constantly work on and it’s always self improving.. So when my doctor, lawyer, baller wolf comes I will be ready!!

      1. ^exactly…
        And I personally did one of those myself last month.

        Also, a Baller Wolf doesn’t have to be a football player or athlete.
        I personally have a thing for a nice sexy body and they exhibit those qualifications.

        A Baller Wolf can be anyone who is making that monnnnneeeeeyyyyyyy.

      1. I meant I read this post the same way Shea did and realized I am NOT the guy I would want. In fact, I tend to be extremely attracted to people in general who possess the qualities I lack.

        RT. I had no idea how important of a role shoes play in attraction. Lol

  2. This post is pretty much my response to the last post, how you expect a baller and you struggling to pay your own rent? If that’s what you’re going to be expecting to be the man of your dreams, you should be the man of his as well.. Because it’s deeper than giving good brain, and having a fat ass.. You have to be “meet my Mama” material… Which means a hell if a lot to me..

  3. *thumbs up*

    Everyone needs to do this self-check, no matter who you’re looking for – wolf, fox, vixen. I know I’m not where I want to be in a few areas that is holding me back from seriously pursuing anyone. Good stuff, Jamari – my baby is growing up! *tear*

    1. ^thank you baby!

      No going into 2012 with lack or an unclear direction.
      It is about time we take out the mental trash and clutter to make way for new ideas and a brand new way of living!

  4. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^my mother always told me:
    Dirty shoes stay in a dirty house.
    If your shoes are worn or dirty,
    That is just a reflection of the type of man you are.

    I get that. I know I could take a little more pride in my everyday appearance, when I’m not at work of course. The crazy part is I’m a shopaholic with tons of clothes, shoes, colognes, watches I never wear. My closet looks like it belongs to a hoarder. Lol!

    I’m just a no fuss dude. Bball shorts when its hot and sweats when its cold. Sometimes the hair will be cut and sometimes I’ll be rockin a natural. Lol

    …And yet I will break my neck to stare at a pretty boy. LMAO

    1. ^so looking at you,
      Would a pretty boy be interested?
      Because I am a pretty boy and I like a Wolf who can be laid back,
      But when it is time to show that swagg,
      He puts on his best.

      So there is no problem with you being no fuss…
      Just do not look sloppy lol

      1. I’m not sure how dudes see me honestly.I recently had a hookup gone bad and I had to come clean to someone who did not know about me, but I knew about him. He said he had no clue I even messed around. lol I thought some dudes could sense it but maybe thats a myth…or I’m A-1 Trade. LMAO!

  5. I’ll probably write about it in detail on my blog, but I’ll give you the end result.

    I don’t see how these dudes do the random hookup thing for decades! I mean I’ve been around the block a few times and did my dirt at night, but I’m already over it.

    The thing is the more you feed these whorish habits, the more isolated you become from meaningful relationships. I wasn’t in any serious danger but if something had happened to me, NO ONE would’ve known where I was. No one would have even known I was missing.

    I was in trouble and I had no one to call because I was busy checking dudes off my to do list, instead of developing and maintaining relationships that matter. Then you know the killing part of it all. After all that had transpired that night dude still texted me asking if I was coming. LOLOLOL!

    That was a few hookups ago. I know I’m hard headed.

  6. Lowkey that’s where the baddest dudes are, but they’re only good for one thing. Lol

    Man I have stories for days. Some I kind of forgot over time until I sit down and think. I’m working on a series of flashback stories now.

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