Tank Doesn’t Like When You Attack His Light Skin Queen

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 8.40.00 PMsocial media has been the death of being a true celebrities.
it seems to be the place where they go,
say something absolutely stupid,
and show us who they really are.
lets add tank to the list,
shall we?
so tank is dating a light skin “queen” like ^so.
he had a question for everyone on twitter.
well a specific group of people rather…

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 8.40.30 PM











fake-smile-gif*whispers in your ear*
is he crazy?

he has got to be crazy right?
i can imagine not selling records like his other r&b counterparts can be a little…
but being disrespectful to your core audience?
is it drugs?
we can get you the help you need.
i’m so confused as to why this was tweeted tonight.
that is “kitchen table” talk.
“happy hour” talk.
“back of the cab” talk.
“smoking weed” talk.
a public tweet?…
tumblr_mkvyqqZDcy1r6fwo9o1_400jamie foxx…
help ya boy PLEASE.

lowkey: i remember when i use to think tank was so fine.
his body when he first came out>>>>
i got smashed by a wolf to his first record.
he is becoming so lame its pathetic.

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Author: jamari fox

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21 thoughts on “Tank Doesn’t Like When You Attack His Light Skin Queen”

  1. You know what? I agree with him completely. Speak your mind Tank. People are upset because it’s not them. People want to witness something that will put a stop in their insecurities. They are trying to find happiness through someone else’s life. One day our race will win, but as long as we keep competing against each other, it won’t happen.

      1. Yea, he could have left it out because after all he does have to sale records. I still agree with him though. At the end, we are all black. That should be enough for them right? Nope. That’s too much like right.

    1. Tank is an idiot … all the history behind willie lynch theory house nigga against field nigga the paper test .. the baby doll experiment. .we really dont care who is on his barely existent dick PLEASE STOP POSTING SELFIES IN YOUR UNDIES there is barely a print from nuts lets not even talk about how absent the dick print is. Go home pick up a book on black history then u will understand

  2. That’s not a “light skin” queen, that’s a white woman. The hair, lips, nose and skin speaks and says “white”. Why did he lie and suggest that she’s black?

    1. She is black woman. Da hell you talkin bout? That’s a dark picture and if you would Google her you would be able see she is not white. I’m finished with this topic because I can already see where it’s going.

      1. The Man, I did look her up by Googling “Tank’s girlfriend”. She appears to be Zena Foster. I tried to find her race or ethnicity by Google but was unable to? I looked at many pictures of her. My conclusion: Well, black people are distinguished by their hair, lips, noses and skin. Based on her hair, lips, nose and skin, I conclude that she’s a white woman. Now, again, why did Tank lie and suggest that she’s black.

        I’d agree that she has some black in her–in the form of Tank’s penis on a regular basis.

        The Man, what evidence do you have that Zena Foster is black I saw zip, zero, nada.

  3. disrespectful? how was he disrespectful?

    on to what he said “aren’t we all black at the end of the day” … ummm no we’re not. if one ‘shade’ of blakc gets treated different than another then no we aren’t ‘all black’ at the end of the day. people want to say we fight against our own race but they act as if they have blinders on. light skinned do get treated differently than dark skinned where i come from and i’m sure that is the same for many other parts of the country.

    1. Oh I see, she’s not black and she’s not white. She’s mixed, mulatto or biracial like President Obama, Halle Berry, Shemar Moore, etc.

      So he’s wrong for saying that she’s black. He should say that she’s mixed, mulatto or biracial and not that she’s black.

  4. Oh Tank.
    I used to root for him because I really like his voice – especially in TGT. It’s like butta.
    But this shit right here though – I can’t rock wit it.
    He could’ve spoken in specific terms and pinpointed the few (or few that seemed like many). Or simply kept it moving because I think that the “backlash” he gets is about hurt, maybe even anger from some Black woman of various shades -(all darker than say…Kim K). They couldn’t care less about his boo and I guarantee they care even less about him.
    It’s about society and how now – very overwhelmingly – athletes, entertainers, or just men of color in the public eye equate having a lighter-skinned woman on their arm with access, success, status… dare I mention the notion of assimilation?
    I understand preference is preference and one really does fall for who they fall for but let’s not act like we live in a world where darker skinned women are wholly realized and valued.
    I’m sorry Tank was the punching bag – didn’t say it was right – but I need him to be enlightened enough to know why he’s the punching bag.
    A quick tangent (LOL): Because that’s where “celebrities” get it wrong. You do not have to feature the pish-posh ppl send you on social media. That’s what’s wrong with these jackals now – waaaay too much access.

    1. Well said Zay, the point is with these athletes,entertainers etc… How come you never see them with anyone that looks just like them. I get sometimes you can’t help who you fall in love with, but an overwhelming majority of them don’t fall in love with women that look like them!

  5. I’m sure the comments about his light skinned queen were disrespectful. But, I don’t know why some men act like they don’t understand where some of the disdain against light skinned women come from. It’s in our history. With lighter skin comes many privileges. This has been studied. Its is fact. Not debatable. Even if we are “all black at the end of the day.”

    Also, MANY black men like to glorify light skinned women AT THE EXPENSE of dark skinned women. So it’s no surprise that there may be a visceral reaction from SOME dark skinned women when there is a lighter woman on a pedestal. Not saying the reaction is right (It’s not). But, I understand where it comes from. Makes me a bit more sympathetic.

    Moral of the story. Men, love your light skinned queen. Just don’t bash dark girls in the process. And understand that any preference you have for lighter skinned (may) have been conditioned in you since birth (more than likely).

  6. these woman just had hateful comments because he’s Tank and they want him.. she could have been Obama brown or Precious purple and the woman would still be in an uproar…women, especially black women, are very vicious in judgment toward each other..i think she’s beautiful who the hell cares about her color? if he was white and she was a black woman the sistas would say ‘ girl he’s a fine white man’ and etc…double standard much?!?!?

  7. Yeah we may all be black at the end of the day, but I’ll say it, MOST light-skinned and biracial people think they’re superior and a lot of darker black men and women put them on a pedestal which reinforces their feelings of superiority.

    This is what I’ve seen and experienced in my 25 years on this Earth, even at a young age.

    The oppressed get tired of that shit and those strong feelings can turn into disdain.

    I personally ignore them and pay them dust because that’s what usually hurts threir egos the most.

    I get where the feelings are coming from. Everyone isn’t lusting after Tank and these other dudes because they want to be with him.

    1. Agreed…you think you are going to see Tank with a dark skinned woman? I don’t…a lot of black folks have been conditioned to think light is better. Most of these athletes and entertainers go for light skin.

  8. Tank’s girlfriend is Zena Foster. She has a black father and a white mother so she’s mixed, mulatto or biracial and not black or white. So we see that Tank is wrong. He wrote “Aren’t we all black at the end of the day?”

    Here’s my answer to Tank: “Well, Tank, your girlfriend is not black at any part of the day. And drop your racist attitudes and ideas that try to make her black. She’s not black and never will be black. I oppose racism in all it’s forms and permutations and I ask that you do so as well. That “one-drop” theory is racist. And I an all people with a lick of sense and who oppose racism oppose it! You don’t get more oil by adding water!”

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