Why Is Braylon Edwards In New Yawk? (Gawd!)

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.15.37 PMlook at him.
look at what gawd created!
braylon edwards is in my city.
i keep asking myself…
what would my body have done…
if i went to times square tonight and saw braylon taking a picture?
oh i know…

RQPGk18if he got down…
i would have MADE SURE to be riding him all like now.
fuck scandal.
fuck how to get away with murder.
i would have been fuckin’.
its been a long time too…
well braylon is currently working down at espn:


…and i’m not even mad at it.
congrats on the new gig b!

lowkey: is it really ratchet to say i want him to smash me so bad?

pictures taken from: instagram

14 thoughts on “Why Is Braylon Edwards In New Yawk? (Gawd!)

  1. Damn I love this dude, my number one dude of all my fantasy crushes. Its just something about B that is perfect, he is not too pretty, has just the right amount of masculine appeal, sex appeal and I could go on. Since I been following him on Instagram, I am a little scared to say it, but I get a vibe that he might at least play for my team on a part time basis. He seems to be the type of dude who is more comfortable around his boys than female, not that means anything but lets just say I would not be surprised about some of these alleged stories about him. I usually take them with a grain of salt but it may be a little bit more here than meets the eye with Braylon. Whoever is getting to touch that and be with him, you have my sincere ENVY LOL.

  2. Omg he is so attractive. They was showing him on the tv at the gym, and I had to completely stop working out; just mesmerizing.

  3. Latino and white only is all I hear but you can still try though. Was also said to have turned down Kerry. Most of his exes are Hispanic and he don’t too much like black dudes, has a temper and said to be either a hybrid or a fox.

      1. Yea I quit looking at him when I found out he stay on that paper bag test shit and you’ll notice by interactions with certain ones. He is good looking though but once you diss the brothas ain’t no time for y’all can be my dead last choice.

  4. Lord was in a really god mood the day he made this one, you can just feel his swag in this suit. I should stop before I get dizzy

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