The Flawless Skin of Fake People of us have really fake people in our lives…

the problem is not everyone who is fake has to be obvious about it.
nah too easy.
where would the fun in that be?
they don’t have to be disrespectful.
they don’t even have to stab you in the back.
the fakest people in the world can look you in your eyes,
put a smile on their face,
and actually be happy for you.
they will celebrate your wins.
cry with you during your losses.
its hard to spot those types because they use the guise as “the caring friend”.
hell sometimes its our own family.
be careful who you let into your life.
trust in your circle.
tell all your deepest secrets.
share your weaknesses with.
these muthafuckas can’t wait for the opportunity to drop the act and say:

bJcII6E…and that’s when shit suddenly gets all the way real.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “The Flawless Skin of Fake People”

    1. ^I like that! I was once naive to think everyone close to me had my best interests at heart. Man, was I a fool! LOL
      Had to learn the hard way. I cut MANY people out of my life. People you would NEVER think of doing shady shit were the perpetrators of some heartbreaking moments. Friends stabbing you in the back by trying to sleep with your girlfriend, telling people you’re a drug dealer and addict, stealing from you, etc. Crazy I tell you!
      My best friend passed away a few years ago, but the two remaining friends have really been there when I needed them most. I don’t call someone friend unless they have shown me through their actions that they are worthy of that title…because it is thrown around way too loosely.

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