antonio brown wants you to drip all over

^in my eyes,
^this is how i view nfl baller wolf for the steelers,

antonio brown.
aside from that amazing chest,
he has a really beautiful smile.
he has a nice twerk too:

if you watch his snaps,
he’ll  like a deer in headlights with that smile.
antonio wants you to drip.
i’m sure you’re wondering what that means.
he showed and told us in his recent interview with gq…


with video:

i’m dripping right now.
i love a baller wolf with swagg.
this was his explanation on having “the drip”:

“You got to have the smile,” he tells me, launching into an extemporaneous free lesson on personal swag. “The first time someone sees you smile, they gotta know you mean business.” Second, “you gotta have the right smell for the drip. When the person first meets you, they’re going to get that fragrance.” (And what, pray tell, does Antonio Brown smell like? “Like Chanel!”)

“You have the fragrance drip and you got the smile drip. That’s two ways to drip. Then you gotta get the fit. You can’t have no basic fit. You gotta have that different fit. When you got that different fit, you ’bout to DRIP.”

it sounds like how he gets new pussy.

by “chanel”,
i’m guessing he wears “bleu de chanel”:

…which is a pretty good scent even though it doesn’t last.
even though i got a ton of compliments wearing it,
i felt it gave me a good 2 hours.
antonio is doing his thing tho.
he’s 30,
part of horoscope: “cancer” nation,
still playing in the league,
and is in the best shape of his life.
not to mention,
he’s one of those types that’ll have you drippin’ all in ya drawz too.
just how i like em.
i’ll allow it.

pics cc/read the rest of the gq article: here

try “bleu de chanel”: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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    1. Bruh, u know he’s “goin” to be. ..low-key or whatever. That ego demands attention..doesn’t matter from which team…lol. Had a QB in high school and a safety in college with the exact smile and personality..

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