antonio brown wants you to drip all over

^in my eyes,
^this is how i view nfl baller wolf for the steelers,

antonio brown.
aside from that amazing chest,
he has a really beautiful smile.
he has a nice twerk too:

if you watch his snaps,
he’ll  like a deer in headlights with that smile.
antonio wants you to drip.
i’m sure you’re wondering what that means.
he showed and told us in his recent interview with gq…
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I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (12)

tumblr_m45cbkaexS1r4yegro1_500just got in a fight?
got stabbed too?
don’t go to the doctor.
make a vblog!.



you may say “ewwwwww“…

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One Lance; One Towel

I am on the fence with Lance Gross
I think. 

Granted, he has “Body That Needs To Be Fucked“.
He can be suave and smooth in interviews.
But then… that is it.
He doesn’t really give off a personality unless he is acting.
Maybe that is a good thing?
Keeps the audience wanting more…
Check out the next few pics from his shoot/interview with Kore Magazine.

One of which I am sure will get you soaking wet…

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