“barbie dreams” video did allow me to have a good nap tho

i’m bored with this “queen” era for nicki minaj.
the music is blah,
but the drama is on 110.
i think that’s what keeping her name out there.
she use to come big and bold in past eras,
but everything thus far has been underwhelming.
well she released the video for “barbie dreams”

…and i’m not a fan,
at all.
i thought it was kinda boring and lacking her usual creativity.
the puppets were a snoozer.
not only that,
but she did “this” before:

…so this new version wasn’t really exciting to me.
she did look amazing in the video tho…

…but i’m kinda “eh” on the whole thing.
she can hurry up and let this era burn out.
it’s hasn’t done anything for me.

Am I the only one?

i will say she has a future in radio tho.
i’d tune in if she took “queen radio” full time.
i can see her becoming a “radio wendy” type of situation.

11 thoughts on ““barbie dreams” video did allow me to have a good nap tho

  1. @Jamari

    If you’re going to font about hiphop can you please report on something that is relevant to our community? Like 50 cent’s continual homophobia via his social media accounts? In the past 48hrs he’s been out there mocking rapper Yung Buck for allegedly having sex with a trans woman. 50 cent has over 20 million followers. His bigoted influence certainly affects us don’t you think?

    1. ^blk

      1) i didn’t know that was even going on

      2) i don’t really pay attention to 50 besides “power”.
      since his character is done off that show,
      i probably won’t know what he’s doing outside of the show.

      3) a simple email with the details would have been sufficient.


    2. Why is 50 Cent and what he thinks relevant to me as a gay man? He is a gay man that hates himself. Plus he is really not that relevant nobody really takes him serious cause he is a shit talker and has that only child syndrome.

  2. I’m more devasted by all the great talents that were dismissed for Nicki! Iggy Azalea, Nyemiah Supreme, TT The Artist(still trending a bit), Lil Mama, Bianca Bonnie, and the list goes on and on. Nicki was over the moment she declared she was giving up her gimmick to be classier and have a softer look. That “N*gga n*gga” was the beginning of the end and now here she is desperate for dear old Nicki to make a comeback because ol girl just wasn’t cutting it being “classy”. Not to mention that attitude of hers…smh and I also don’t support abusers and that she was to Safaree who’s no angel either.

  3. i’m a fan and i agree. she lacks creativity which is a sign that she is losing that passion she once had. she could’ve went in so many directions with this song… with young directors with fresh ideas. instead she hired hype williams, who is overrated and lazy (check the resume).

    also, she has yet to produce a cohesive body of work. instead of giving us a 7-10 track album of deep cuts, she continues to put out these late ass pop songs that no one wants to hear.

    sis needs to scrap the tour and any upcoming shows, go somewhere deep in the mountains and find herself. maybe then we can be introduced to the real onika maraj.

    1. She has to tour to recoup the money for all that global promo that her record label paid for with her Queen album. That album received heavy promo. As an artist she is obliged to tour

  4. I wish she goes ahead and removes the ass shot injections like K.Mitchelle. Body starting to look like an ant. Whole thing is a mess, I thought we were passed the whole Multicolored wigs from that first pop era phase she went through.

  5. I miss a good concept video and this would have been the perfect time to do one. Although I’m not a big fan of the song.

      1. The looks, some of them, were really cute but like you have a song called barbie dreams and didn’t at all consider using barbies or creating a custom barbie of yourself for the video. Like this would have been perfect time to do something animated, stop motion, or something. Instead we got this which….I guess.

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