troy woolfolk, his cute cub, and the healthy meat

i saw troy woolfolk on“foto 119” first.
i noticed he loved wolves hence his tatts.
he took some really nice fotos like so:

he became a young father to a beautiful cub,
but in his latest ig video

…was i looking at the cub or that lump in those drawz?
his entire bawdy.

i’m having a hard time trying to focus.
his meat all flapping around ‘n’ everything…
the video reeked of advertising.
am i complaining?
troy is a nice lean snack:

he seems like he’s a fun dad too.
i’ll allow it.

pics and videos: foto 119 | troy woolfolk

30 thoughts on “troy woolfolk, his cute cub, and the healthy meat

  1. I kinda agree with the homies. Using entertainment for your child as a means to thirst trap turned me all the way off. It could’ve been done with clothes on. The fact that it needed to be filmed and almost naked was ridiculous. And it wasn’t one thing in particular he was doing to entertain his child other than trying to make his dick flop in his pants.

  2. So who is judging his fine ass? I can watch his fine ass dance all day. Keep dancing baby boy. Prevent me from crying

  3. Not amused by men who include their children in thirst trap pics and videos. I unfollowed a guy on the gram who did this sort of thing repeatedly. His two cubs were biracial so it almost felt like he was showing them off along with his body. Total turnoff for most adults, including me!

    1. Not to sound rude or extra upfront and you don’t have to answer if you don’t want, no biggie, but I think I saw in something you posted before that you are female. Is that your assigned gender at birth or are you transitioning?

      1. Oh nothing. I was curious. It might have been someone else. I wasn’t asking cause of your comment, just curious of who you were slightly is all. No biggie.

  4. I’m saying, we know what he’s doing, why not just enjoy it instead of complaining it’ll be he who has to explain to his child the f*ckery when she’s older not us. In the meantime don’t mind while I get my rocks off to what you’re showing off.

  5. Whats even funnier is the fact that he posted this as a way to show us he’ll do anything to keep his child from crying and entertained, but we very rarely see her in the video, lol. Now I understand where JimmyDean is coming from…like you should feel comfortable and sexy enough to show off the body you worked for, no shame in that. However, dont try to sell me oranges when its clearly an apple, thats all Im saying *shrugs shoulders*

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. that’s what we all mean by our posts. We all like good looking dudes and girls and I’m sure some of us have banging bodies behind these words..

      We just like calling a spade a spade.

      It’s all good though. Just opinions.

  6. Come one now…making excuses for narcissistic folks who mask “clickbait” with “entertainining their children” and calling it cute. Huh?

    The attentionisto fabrication movement is strong these days.

  7. Yal reading way too hard into this video. Yal sound pressed for no good reason. Women and men exploit themselves. If they want to show off what they worked hard for let them. I know I don’t go to the gym to just be healthy, NO my body looks good and I like to show it off cause I work hard for it. I want to be your fantasy and so do many others who work hard for their body. To each is own but if you don’t like it oh well just bypass it, Yal are dead writing paragraphs about why you think it’s wrong he’s dancing in his underwear on the Internet as if your phones aren’t filled with porn and much more naughtier things than this man dancing in his underwear in front of his kid who can’t even register what’s going on besides her dad being goofy. Have several thirst bots. #yeahisaidit

  8. Oh and his abs are not it. They look like something is about to bust out of them. The way they separate is strange.

  9. Even though, the video seemed more like shameless promotion he comes off like a adorable goofball that’s just nice to be around. Usually when people try too hard to be that kind of person they just go full on cornball instead (see: Safaree and the Scammer in Chief)

    1. In draws with a child is sexy? Being responsible for your children is, but I’d feel weird looking at the video.

      ALTHOUGH I WILL SAY: Why do men who have their children with them try to hit on you?

      You swam in some fishy and they come first. Please go away.

  10. ain’t nothing sexier to me than a nigga with a small waist and tight body lol. i usually like many men darker but for him…. EXCEPTION! 😂😂

  11. I also feel this video was more so for the public’s entertainment than his child’s. But hey IG is basically playgirl magazine and niggas have NO shame

  12. Sorry Jamari if I come to your blog sounding like the uptight spoiled brat sometimes but he could have done that video with clothes on…🙄🙄

    You can showcase your parenting without bouncing around in your underwear publicly. Jeeze these men are something else on social media…any opportunity to be half dressed..😪

    Jamari you soooo…you Gon find you a wolf one day and he gon have you on lock like house arrest…and if your eyes even blink at another man, he gon look at you upside yo head😠😠😠

    When you get married ( I mean….if you choose to get married) will you do a private or have a full fledged wedding ceremony…

    Or will you just wait it out to see if he’s actually right, for as long as you can cause you believe a wolf can be about them games and you need to make sure he’s genuinely to protect your emotions?…(I felt like saying this since it came to my thoughts..😂)

      1. Well, ya know one day you’re gonna have to face him and when he says, “I love you and wanna spend the rest of my life with you,” don’t look at him like he speaking German or Chinese or something 😂. You’ll probably know when the right guy will come along but be ready for anything at any time. Sometimes we ask for things & when the Universe presents it, we turn into a deer in headlights & then br looking crazy as the car drives by.

        I won’t get into too much detail about you still recovering from some past things as we all , but IIwill say to never regret any of the decisions you made in the past. Take them as learning lessons to lead you to the right path and keep remaining positive…don’t slack up…😂

    1. Omg, I was thinking the EXACT same thing! Like something about that video rubbed me the wrong way. Thirst trapping at its finest! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed looking but I don’t like when ppl use their children as bait or an excuse to do thirsty shit. He know damn well his daughter wouldn’t have known the difference between him dancing around with clothes on or off, she just paying attention to daddy as a whole…smh.

      I’m sure he’s a nice guy but this video just showed him trying to have his cake and eat it too. If u gonna thirst trap, do it on ur own terms n leave the kids out of it, lol

    2. I didn’t want to be an asshole, but I was thinking the same. Like he might’ve had a reason if the kid was actually visible in the video laughing, but he clearly was entertaining instagram lol

    3. I’m glad u said it b/c i was thinking the same thing. it’s not appropriate for a grown man to be parading around his infant child in briefs. Not sexy.

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