the last day of fashion week and i dressed a baller wolf legend

jamari fox always gets into these random adventures.
they are never really planned either.
they are often last minute,
but i’m always down for it.
so i dressed a legend tonight.
i know you’re probably wondering wtf am i fonting about.
i was invited to be a dresser for the:

“laureus sport for good fashion show”

it was a charity fashion show,
which only had athletes walking for a good cause.
they raised money for youth sport activities.
these were all the baller wolves/vixens that were involved…

…and i had the honor

…of dressing skateboarding legend,
tony hawk.
the same tony hawk that i randomly watched this video last week:

it was such a blessing to dress him.
i was so nervous,
and my anxiety was on 1000,
but he was so nice and welcoming.
he brought my nerves down.
he even allowed me to pick what color boots he would wear.
tony hawk went with my fashion input.
goodnight foxhole.
this is the only shot i got of him:

they didn’t allow us to take out our phones until it was over.
all of the athletes were all very nice bts.
maurice allen,
carl lewis,
and david robinson were all very friendly with us.
i even had to help style luis robles as well.
he was super cool.
it was pretty paws on backstage.
there were no divas or divos in attendance.
can i just font how fine michael strahan is in person tho?

miles chamley watson as well:

…and whoever this was in this fly jacket:

here are some more shots:

you can catch some more bts stuff on my ig stories.
it was a really great time.

i will say being in that room made me feel like inadequate.
i was surrounded by ‘big deals” and i felt very small.
that might be a good thing tho.
there was motivation within that place.
i want to earn my place.
it’ll happen soon.
the universe seems to be working in my favor these days.
i want to thank tony hawk for being so kind tonight.
 can we font about the snack tho?

“hi mister snack”.
he looked like tank mixed with “benny” from hahn.
i don’t know if he was gay or straight,
but i wanted that.
i’m so shy and trash tho.

17 thoughts on “the last day of fashion week and i dressed a baller wolf legend

  1. Well good for you fox! Now you’ve got at least one professional credit to your name. Praying that it keeps coming to you.

  2. Ayyy, okay I see you Jamari! Keep doing what you do best until everything fall in place. The talking and connecting will come to you as you go to more events—exposure therapy. This was progress. When you get comfortable we gotta get you networking boy! Carry copies of your business card and practice some pitches beforehand

  3. Jamari when I first started to read this, I thought it was going to be your erotic sex stories you use to write about it lol, but I’m so happy for you. I feel great things are headed your way, I love when you write unexpected great surprise posts like this. Oh and Michael Strahan being there too, it’s something about that man that drives me so damn wild. Forget about a snack, Michael is a whole damn Thanksgiving meal with his fine, handsome, tall, thick, charismatic ass. Did you at least get a chance to say hello to him? Anyway sending more positive vibes your way, much love Jamari.

  4. Hold up, Ray Lewis was there too huh??😏 please me you got close enough to read his aura cause for years the speculations have been there.

  5. I see you Jamari!!! Keep dreaming and keep going after every opportunity. It’ll all come in due time. 💀💀 at you being shy and trash; my life as well.

  6. So happy for you, please Universe let this lead to more great opportunity for our Brotha, thank you in advance.

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