the results of the phone interview i BOMBED

i need to stop underestimating myself.
that is one of my biggest faults.
i woke up to an email from my head huntress:

great position for you.
2 weeks/maybe longer.
digital tech.
good pay.
love to get you in the door.

my fingers typed “sure!”.
“sure” with the exclamation point.
i don’t know why i did it,
but i figured it would be something to get me out the crib.
i would have to do a phone interview before they could consider me.
they called me as soon as the “apple event” started yesterday.

i thought i bombed that interview.
for whatever reason,
i felt like i didn’t answer the questions quick enough.
it was like i was stumbling over my words,
awkward silences,
and not giving my best “you got this” self.
not to mention,
they needed an updated resume and i sent a reply email without it.


i chalked it up as an “L” and kept it moving.
there was no expectations since i felt it was a disaster.
i guess i didn’t do as bad as i thought because i got a email today:


as much as i need the money,
i had to ask myself if this was the right decision?
the thought of doing another desk job makes me cringe,
but my career monetization isn’t moving fast enough.
i’m bitter sweet about working in another corporate structure,
especially after that last job turned me off so bad.
this time with this job,
the pay is higher and i’m a really good area,

Am I ever going to make it to my dreams?

that’s the question going through my head.

Am I wrong for feeling this way?

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9 thoughts on “the results of the phone interview i BOMBED”

  1. Feel however you’d like. Get to bed early, iron your clothes now, take 3 trains before your start time and have no excuses. Research the company tonight. Nothing about the position sounds like settling and feelings don’t pay the bills.

    If you’ve been at the same job, same position for 5 years, maybe its time to quit, but you need to get your foot in the door.

    Remember you’re a reflection on her and need to show why you deserve a second chance after the interview.

    We all wish we knew someone who knew someone..she pulled strings.

    Devote your time out of work, to your dreams and balance both.

    Doubt when something seems to too to be true, like a 6 foot, single, CEO wants to sweep you off of your feet and you wonder what the catch is. Don’t doubt your abilities or blessings.

    Congrats. This will be a stepping stone and a foundation for other opportunities if you network. You’re shy so look up tips to make networking easier.

  2. Jamari you’re not wrong to feel the way you feel at all. Keep working hard and continue to be yourself, and everything will workout fine for you. Congratulations on getting this job, you never know what will bring when starting these new jobs. You possibly could get a connect that can jumpstart you into your career, make a new friend or friends like you did on your last job, or possibly meet a really nice cute nerd wolf that makes really good money since you’re at a tech job, you know the smart IT wolves work there lol. Jamari you’re truly a fighter bro, and don’t let anyway tell you different.

  3. Even dreams need to be financed these days! Grand until you get to the that point! You got this, hell you know this already.

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