henry cavill hangs up his cape and bawdy from “superman”

maybe this is a good thing?
so “fine ass” henry cavill won’t be playing “superman” anymore.
i had to be extra dramatic with that sentence.
he’s fine and one of the best looking to play that role.
we all want to take a chance on that rare steak:

it looks like he is allegedly out the door according to “daily mail”

He’s been in the blue suit for five years.

But Henry Cavill is reportedly hanging up his Superman cape as scheduling conflicts lead Warner Bros to rule out any future appearances for the actor as the DC Extended Universe superhero.

The Hollywood Reporter write that Henry, who has played Superman in three films, can’t commit to a planned cameo in Shazam! and the studio is now also reportedly putting a stop to any future appearances in the franchise.  

Henry was set to appear as Superman in next April’s release of Shazam!, which stars Zachary Levi but according to THR contract talks between the actor’s representatives and Warner Bros broke down. 

It’s thought Henry’s new lead role in Netflix series The Witcher meant he couldn’t commit to the Shazam! cameo.

The cancellation is said to have led the studio to rule out future cameos, with its focus now on a Supergirl origin movie, following the success of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, with that time shift meaning an adult Superman character would not work.

A Supergirl film will follow rival Marvel’s introduction of Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel – the first female superhero in the MCU to have a standalone film – next March. 

With its Supergirl plans, WB is said to be keen to shelve the character of Superman for a few years before a Bond style reboot with a new leading man.

i mean,
ima gonna miss this:

…because ^this is what you call a “hollywood hunk”.
do you see that chest?
his facial?
that jaw line?
how perfect his hair is positioned?

and this look of “scruff hunk”?

i’m sure this scene made a lot of males question their sexuality.
those wb superhero movies are lowkey terrible tho.
the best scenes are in the trailers.
they cannot compete with marvel,
at all.
i’m hoping the “aquaman” movie breaks that curse.
henry is out,
and ben affleck can’t get his shit together for “batman”,

Who will get they to play these characters next?

they should find some unknowns from out the forests.
we need some new eye candy out here.
lemme pour some likka for eye candy gone…

he shall be missed.

lowkey: imagine a black “superman” or “batman”.
i can imagine the think pieces and riots…

article cc: daily mail

6 thoughts on “henry cavill hangs up his cape and bawdy from “superman”

  1. DC theatric movies are beyond trash.

    Man of Steel: Lets his father die, “so people don’t see him?” He lost his super speed? People are paying attention in a tornado? Lois Lane not having dark hair.

    Batman v Superman: Stupid. Pit 2 humans against each other or 2 super powered beings. Batman being random about his mother’s name.

    Suicide Squad: A white woman is the host for a Kemetic goddess. Grown people acting like angsty teens.

    Let the people who did the Batman, Superman and Justice League animated series have the reigns smh

    The animated movies are so much better in quality and story.

  2. Sexiest Superman ever!!! Love that hairy muscular chest!! Hot!! Hot!! Hot!! If we don’t get Idris Elba as the new Bond, he would be a perfect choice!

  3. The only Superhero movie I liked period was Wonder Woman. I am more into TV shows, comics and cartoons when it comes to Superheroes.

    That said a Supergirl Movie sounds cool.

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