imagine if “sex and the city” had someone black in their clique? (sounds like forced)

black folks need to stop wanting to be “included” in everything.
i fonted it.
we always complain about the lack of diversity on a white show,
especially shows based in new yawk.
“sex and the city” and “friends” had that debate for many years.
well sarah jessica parker,
who played carrie bradshaw on “sex and the city”,
claims the show was “tone deaf”.

this is what she had to say via “the hollywood reporter”

“You couldn’t make it today because of the lack of diversity on screen,” the Divorce actress said of the HBO show’s four white leads at the Deauville Film Festival, where she was on hand for the premiere of her new film Here and Now (formerly titled Blue Night). “I personally think it would feel bizarre.”

i live in new yawk and work in manhattan.
i’ve done corporate for many years.
“sex and the city” was a perfect representation of snow vixens in this city.
black and whites have two different cultures out here.
whites live in their own gentrified bubble out here,
especially if they have money.
from silver spoon suburbia,
doesn’t has anything in common with “keisha”.
well besides a vagina and a secret love lust for black pipe.
bad enough how ruthless they are to black vixens in corporate.
you’ll see a few co workers doing “happy hour”,
but to see them gallivanting together like on the show?

with the boost of interracial relationships out here,
you’ll see more snow vixens dating black wolves nowadays…

…but that’s about it.

i don’t know about you,
but when i watch certain shows,
i don’t need diversity.
“gossip girl”,
and “sex and the city” are super white.
i like it like that.
i like my shows either heavy on the cream or straight black.
good tv should show a completely different world,
which means characters/story lines we aren’t use too.
when “we” do get placed on these shows,
because of random complaints,
it often comes off forced and stereotypical.
see: jennifer hudson in “sex and the city movie”.

^this scene always makes me hurl.
i didn’t see a ton of whites on “martin”,
“living single”,
or a “a different world”.
you don’t even see white folks like that on “insecure”.
if the cultures can mesh cohesively then cool.
“power” does it perfectly.
instead of begging to be on a white show,
we need to keep creating more of our own.

just a thought.

lowkey: it’s even worse when they put a gay on a show and he’s full stereotype.

article cc: the hollywood reporter

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “imagine if “sex and the city” had someone black in their clique? (sounds like forced)”

  1. I like how fierce and vocal you are starting to become. I will keep my postive energies directed at your well being and request that a great opportunity come your way and you tackle it like a lion on the hunt!!


  2. couldn’t agree more. i remember when hbo created “looking” and many lgbtabcd+ activists of color hated that it didn’t have better representation and called upon the show runners to add more poc. i disagreed then and now. imagine darius from east atlanta hanging out with michael from manhattan…😒🙄

    shows like insecure, pose and atlanta proves that we need to create our own stories without white interventions (and vice versa).

    1. ^sooooooo agreed!!!!

      it’s best to leave these shows white.
      they have stories to tell so let them tell their stories.
      we have our own stories that represent us and our struggles very well.
      being on “friends” won’t make me feel included in the real world.

  3. I love Sex and the City and have been a fan of it for years ( I can quote scenes word for word lol). I understand this post 100 but I also see where SJP is coming from. NYC is one of the more diverse cities in the world and for there to be four white straight women as the main characters in todays world it would be tone deaf. I don’t even see it as a black vixen needing to be added but why not a Latina, or Asian , Lesbian woman? The show definitely had tone def moments throughout it’s entire run. (foxholers who have watched to show will know the following) :

    -the episode where Sam dates the black guy

    -the fact that Carrie is a “sex” writer and is so closed minded to sexuality and sex

    – the episode where Carrie dates the bisexual man

    – the episode where Carrie walks in on Sam giving the worldwide express guy a BJ

    – The entire 2nd movie

    – when Sam dates a woman

    and so on

    While shows like Martin and Living single hell even Girlfriends are classics to most of us, they were never on the pedal stool like some shows of today telling our stories. A big part of that has to do with the network . Shows like Atlanta and Insecure are given more of a fighting chance to be apart of the mainstream conversation because of the networks that come one. Back in the day UPN and Fox’s Thursday night black line up where Martin and Living Single where on was seen as just for black people. So while they were amazing they were not spotlighted in a way where other audience could see that glory.

    So imagine if a black vixen, gay vixen, etc was a main character on a big show like SATC back then it would have helped open the door for more alot sooner.

  4. Lmao. I HATE that scene. JHud came off like a straight up bumpkin. And she had just won an Oscar. This was like that Color Purple scene where Miss Millie is like “you can stay all day!” Fuck outta here. Spare us please.

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