henry cavill hangs up his cape and bawdy from “superman”

maybe this is a good thing?
so “fine ass” henry cavill won’t be playing “superman” anymore.
i had to be extra dramatic with that sentence.
he’s fine and one of the best looking to play that role.
we all want to take a chance on that rare steak:

it looks like he is allegedly out the door according to “daily mail”
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So I Finally Watched “Batman VS Superman” and Well…

after ( x that discussion ) about “batman vs superman”,
i decided to watch it today.
i went from “eh” to “intrigued” by all the comments.
so i watched the “ultimate edition” version.
that was like 3 hours long and well…
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MEAT: Celebrity Snow Wolf Edition (357)

tumblr_mojx0y4PKu1rongp8o1_500i wanted to check out the new superman flick last weekend.
i’ll try to get to it sometime this week.
everyone is talking about how henry cavill is the sexiest superman yet.
i won’t even lie,
the english snow wolf had me catching the vapors as well.
an f-bi sent me a video of him working out for the role.

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Lay Down Some Rubber: (31)

We are at the Jamari Fox Pajama Jammy Jam.
Do you know that two prospects have been trying to get me to hook you up with them?

Crazy, right?!

Well, I think they are your type…

So the one in the black tank gets around....
But the one in the superman outfit is looking for a relationship…

Trust me, I command a gang of Foxes who know EVERYTHING!

Do you want me point them out for you?

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