Lay Down Some Rubber: (31)

We are at the Jamari Fox Pajama Jammy Jam.
Do you know that two prospects have been trying to get me to hook you up with them?

Crazy, right?!

Well, I think they are your type…

So the one in the black tank gets around....
But the one in the superman outfit is looking for a relationship…

Trust me, I command a gang of Foxes who know EVERYTHING!

Do you want me point them out for you?

…. so before I give your #,
Who would you lay down some rubber for ?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Lay Down Some Rubber: (31)”

  1. *serious screw-face* the f—?! Supaman better GTFOH w/that mess. SMH

    Black tank’s arms are HUGE. I’d have to bend him over from the back, cuz he doesn’t look flexible enough to hold his legs up for long…

  2. Honestly, I’m attracted to the one in the tank but more interested in his Stewie jammies. I own the exact same pair. That’s the ADHD in me I I guess. lol It sucks that the dude in the tank gets around but it makes a LOT of sense. Most dudes who can get it only want JUST THAT.

  3. I like the one in the tank, he’s not only built, but he looks good too. Due to his size, it would be a lil hard to bang him, but I’ll still can get in him. The other dude looks kinda fem. to me.

  4. Personally I wouldn’t take either. The one in the black tank may be the size I like but Ill prob b another notch on his belt. The super man pjs is lookin for love but I think in all the wrong places. In a different place and time I would get to know him but not at a pajama jam. Right now I’ll take the dude who don’t have on any draws under his pjs and his meat just slangin lol

  5. First of all… cute footie pajamas! If it was fitted i’d wear one. But in terms of who I’d pick, Black tank is my ideal type. I’m sure superman pjs is rreealllyyy nice. But I’d be uninterested in him if we ever went out on a date. Despite black tanks history, maybe he’s worth a shot. Who knows? He might change his ways for the “right one.”

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