i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (89)

never underestimate your opponent.
you might think they all cute and quiet,
but they may end up giving you a legit ass whoopin’.
i love with when it’s with a “quiet” gay whoopin’ a straight.
that always tickles me.
well the following is another example.
it’s a video of two young vixens.
one happened to be a white cheerleader.
something to do with “someone talking shit”.
 this is what happened once the paws was thrown

she put her paws on that cheerleader first.
the cheerleader didn’t want to fight,
but she had to show her who she was dealing with.

that cheerleader damn near body slammed her.
might i add with her phone still in her paw.
her brothers taught her how to throw down.
i’ll never forget a fight at school like this.
a tall black hood vixen and a short latina.
they decided to fight after school.
when i font that the short vixen beat that tall vixen’s tail.
she came to school the next day with a entire black eye.
just because they “look/act” tough don’t mean they’ll win.

lowkey: i bet all the cheerleaders on that squad are shook.
don’t mess with her.
she’ll wreck you.

8 thoughts on “i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (89)

  1. I thought I was the only one that saw that our little pale cousin still had her phone in her hand!!! She literally whooped her ass with one hand behind her back!!!!😂🤣😅

  2. Human beings behave like a pack of wild animals…Sometimes I feel nature is spot on when it whios out judgement.

    The people in the background cheering & heckling are disgusting behavior wise. I even heard, “You got yo a** beat.” heckling. Doesn’t matter if they weren’t “grown”.

    People just sit and watch…but I think I heard some folks trying to stop it.

    As soon as they started fighting, I would have left to be honest.

      1. Yeah, I know she did..but folks be having guns and shooting up stuff. I would have got out and dodged. Don’t put nothingpass anyone these days.

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