did stevie j son allegedly try getting inside a trans vixen on the low?

trans-vixens are really poppin’ out here.
some of them look really good so i can see why.
one of stevie j’s spawn allegedly wanted one from off ig.
so everyone meet dorian j.
he is “the sexy hood one” from that clan.
a foxholer sent me this alleged screen shot

we still doing the “going under week old pics” thing?
oh ok.

this is more of her:

i can see why he wanted a piece.

i know this may font ignorant,
but are we sure this vixen ( x is transgendered )?
if so,
she looks great.
he mighta thought she is a real vixen.
it doesn’t font on her ig that she is a trans vixen:

…but it does font she is a freak.

it doesn’t take much to get a pineapple dick hard nowadays.
i’m still on the wave of “he’s straight” tho.
straights who holla at trans vixens won’t mess with males.
you’ll be hard pressed to find one who does.
dorian j is a bodega snack tho.

…but i’d want my back broke by the father.

lowkey: some of our male fantasy favs love trans vixens.
we gonna have to just deal.

22 thoughts on “did stevie j son allegedly try getting inside a trans vixen on the low?

  1. Uhhhh. There are men that like trans and are also into regular males. Its not that cut and dry. That’s what these dudes want u to believe. They’re not straight either. That’s letting them off the hook. There’s something else there. The attraction is a same sex attraction. If u seek a trans that’s a bio male.

  2. Its so funny to me how individuals that aren’t Trans can speak on Trans situations if somebody don’t get into labels they don’t get into labels everybody whats to stick that shit on something regardless of what yal think these men may be They identify as straight men to themselves and in the streets and most of them don’t want anything that resembles what they look like Facial Hair, Masculine, Etc…Yeah you have the ones here and there that do both but I don’t know to many which is why every nigga I know that fuck with trans women still and will always fuck with biological women Yes we have dicks but yal act like they don’t know that just like yal act like we don’t know that we aren’t real born women people always saying what they don’t have an issue with all while pointing out shit they have issues with within all in the same breath get over it O he had an experience with a man he gay He had an experience with a Trans he gay like we smarter then this bi at the most Tri even Most these men will never be in any type of relationship with a Trans or Gay Male which is what Gay is Not I fuck around all while in a whole real relationship with a Biological Female Get the Fuck Yal don’t make it easy for them to even admit the shit etha

    1. What does facial hair n masculine got to do with it cuz every gay guy does not have that and they are still men. You say peopl act like you all don’t know that y’all are not real women but that’s how many of you act. Y’all get mad if people don’t acknowledge you like a real woman. Those guys can identify as what ever but if they really thought they weren’t gay they would do what they do and look at every one else crazy for saying something to them about it. The thing that gets gays and trans fucked up is constantly feeding these men’s ego and allowing these men to believe they are straight. Well keep letting them think that and the more they will try and hold onto that and go on and leave you for a real woman or harm you to protect that straight image.

  3. Janet Mock(Google her) is a transwoman.She had gender reassignment surgery when she was a teenager.Straight men are attracted to her,she looks and behaves like a cisgendered woman.I don’t think a man who is attracted to her is gay even if they KNOW she is a transwoman.I know quite a few gay men, gay not bisexual, and none of them are turned on by breasts and or vagina.Now if you are a gay man and you are sexually attracted to transwomen then more power to you.But I disagree with the view that if a man is sexually attracted to a transwoman that makes him gay.Everything is not black and white some things are gray.

  4. No shade towards tranvixens (I love everyone) but if you were biologically born a man, you will remain a man for the rest of your existence. No amount of surgery, hormone pills, makeup or wigs can naturally convert your DNA, and that’s not even an opinion it’s fact. With that being said, men who Indentify as straight but are aware that they are fucking with a transwoman is not so straight after all. Where do some of you get that logic? There’s actually many trans women who still have their penis, so how can men still consider to be straight when they’re fucking (or even getting fucked with authentic penises) by transvixens? Doesn’t make sense. When trans women can lactate and be impregnated then we can discuss the men the deal with being straight. These dudes just don’t want the gay stigma, so they’ve learned to be strategic with experimenting with transwomen so they don’t feel emasculated.

    1. Trans people aren’t trying to change their dna. They want to change their appearance to match their psychology.
      We need to stop harping on sex acts and who can get what sort of physical pleasure.

      There are straight couples that play with dildos and strap ons. There are straight men who like their wives to rim them. Pleasure is pleasure. It doesn’t make you gay. Anal sex is not a gay act. It’s a sex a act that peopel (gay and straight alike) enjoy.

      You define who you are inside, no one else has that power you.

  5. The foxhole has fonted my feelings on the matter pretty well. Stevie J and his son looks like they’ll stick their meat into ANYTHING without checking if it has a pulse first. Wouldn’t be surprised if the son was a ‘head wolf’ when it came to foxes, like father like son.

    The straights are gonna learn one day about adhering to these damn near archaic ideas of what sexuality is supposed to be. I’m not even referring to that ‘sexuality is fluid’ narrative since I strongly believe that you can’t tell no grown ass man or woman what they are or were when it comes to anything pertaining to what makes them their individual selves. The same vixens that are yelling for men to live in their truths, so they won’t get “fooled” into dating a man on the DL, be the same ones that will shame a wolf with their preconceived stereotypes and force them into a box they don’t belong in.

    Ain’t no incentive to be honest about what you really like when all that’s waiting for someone is judgement and rejection. Can’t have your cake and eat too. Keep the same energy and make it make sense.

    1. Stevie J and his son look like they will stick their meat into ANYTHING without checking if it has a pulse first….😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀

  6. I honestly just find all 3 of them attractive for different and probably similar reasons, also im going to need folks to understand that trans women are women and a man being into one doesn’t stop him from being straight like we can’t keep having this conversation.

    1. That ain’t changing. That’s like trying to get a straight man to think a gay/bi man is not a punk and an abomination to the Lord, even though the straight man has 6 baby Mama’s and all the kids outta wedlock.

      I usually have my reservations about “gender” but I still refer to folks as they want me to.

  7. I will say they from being down at the pier quite often I’ve learned that a lot of these men actually do like men but prefer Trans because they don’t want to admit that they’re actually gay/be seen with another gay man

  8. She’s actually a nice looking trans but kinda, ratchet. ( If I missused this word, someone can correct me.)

  9. He’s a cutie but team Daddy Stevie alll day lol

    P.S. I don’t understand what some gays would have to deal with , Trans-woman present themselves as women ( because they are) thus straight men wan t what they want.

      1. Um no sir that’s BS and you know it. If it still have a penis tht is a man, I’m bisexual so it’s not any bashing type stuff. If a trans approaches a real str8 dude the answer would be no. That’s mind tricks that dudes and trans tell themselves to avoid from facing the truth. Messing with a trans makes you bi it is not straight at all. And walking around with a dress and boobs, and hair does not make u a woman unless it’s chopped off.

      2. No he is not straight. Vixens know what a real vixen is and they know a trans one is nothing like them. The reason why the men are easily hurt by it is because they know that they are committing gay acts as well. Ask yourself, what is the difference in sex with a trans vixen and a gay male being that anatomicaly they are the same only the trans may have breast implants. Where do you get that theses men won’t mess with another guy? You do know that Stevie j himself has rumors about him messing with both men and trans. I personally know several gay guys who get the same guys trans get. They get online and all they do is either put on a wig or n heels and the same guys who act like they would never mess with a guy are all in. My friend knows a guy who only raps a towel around his head and the boys come. Are these people suddenly trans or women? Hell no. If you are a really feminine guy you will get the same guys trans get, hell if you just cute with a decent body and you’ll get it. These men are not straight and half of them will and have messed with non trans guys.

        1. I don’t think anyone will read a post fromvso long ago, but I have to respond. The logic here makes no sense. Gay sex is gay sex because it’s two men doing it, not because of the logistics of how it’s done. Your logic would mean a straight man and woman who have anal sex is having gay sex and that is idiotic. Attraction is more than genitals. Who checks for dick first to see if they are attracted to someone? Attraction is from the person’s presentation. Trans present as female. That’s what gets straight men’s attention. That is why it is so uncomfortable for many straight men, because they are attracted to the a trans woman, but are put off by the dicks and don’t know how to process their feelings. On the flip side, gay tops will sometimes fuck trans men.

    1. How can you logically say that trans women are women? Just because you present a certain way does not make you that. Rachel Dolezal presented as black, would you consider her black? Straight men don’t suck dick or get fucked by one and that’s exactly what happens when dealing with trans. You’ll even have some trans tell the truth and let you know that those guys aren’t straight. Also you all must be ignorant of what goes on in the gay community because there are gay men who say trans women. Being a woman has nothing to do with presentation, a woman is a woman weather in a dress or slacks, we expect women to be feminine so that is why you have all of the hair and shoes and clothes, that’s feminine. Plenty gay men dress in women but they aren’t women, trans are no different.

      1. Look at you preaching Shaun. Lol. I hate how they always try to “out” these dudes. If they really see themselves as real women, then why the stunts?

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