it’s safe to say we’d all like to be coached by bryan

can we font about his chest real quick?
i can’t.
so i can admit i post a majority of “fantasies” that might be straight.
“might be” because the tea ya’ll send me…
i wanted to highlight someone who is confirmed “one of us”.
so i posted this pic a while back on the fohxole ig:

…and unlike some of the rest,
he responded nicely in my comments.
this is how you leave a lasting impression!
well his name is bryan and he’s a life and relationship coach.
can we get into the looks tho…
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The Jackal Who Was Hungry For Young Male Innocence

a foxholer sent me this following story…
i had to sit down.
i was so disturbed by what i read.
they really need to do background checks on who they let around cubs.
parents may need to do additional checks just in case,
and even still,
you never know.
so ^that jackal sexually assaulted male cubs at a school in maryland.
there is more via “new york daily news“…
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Birds of A Feather Fly Coach Together?

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 7.26.38 PMi’m having a lot of problems with this story.
okay so…
everyone knows,
or should know rather,
that lira galore is engaged to rapper wolf,
rick ross.
lira is a pretty attentionista who thought she snagged a winner.
well they broke up because allegedly she smashed all the homies.
after many subliminals,
picture erasing,
and i’m sure a lot of begging (from her im sure),
they rekindled whatever they have.
that is until a vix-bi sent me this via famelicious
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